Professional Security Systems will give you real peace of mind and value

It was rather alarming, though I am not surprised, that during the recent Christchurch earthquake that theft, unlawful entry and burgalries took place. If the home owners did not have already have enough on their plates but to also face further harshness due to someones greed.

Security, remote access, survelliance, safety, peace of mind are all aspects we each feel and want in our lives. There are various TV programmes broadcast and I know we have the same in NZ where the home handy man is asked to come in and do a house repair, fix an appliance and so forth. The behaviour of some, accuracy and timeliness are all aspects that would shatter certain peoples confidence to the point that you need to take a half day off work to be present when someone comes to do the repair in your home.

I thought we would bring your attention to this powerful 4 channel system that a few years ago would have cost well over $3,000.  This complete system we believe setups you up so you know what is going on. It is perfect for complimenting existing security systems.

Home invasion, unwelcomed callers, illegal entry, suspicous shoppers and visitors, authorised strangers in your home, unsupervised teenagers, burgalries are all annoying aspects of life that we need to contend with and manage.

Four Channel security system

Peace of mind security system

Brochure Download Click here to download the brochure.

Now with the ICE Security System you can be in your office or better still out to lunch at your favourite cafe and still be fully aware of what is happening in your house, workshop, factory or store. What about when you go out for the evening and leave the baby sitter – the baby sitter now knows that should something go badly wrong you will be checking in even if she is unable to contact you, and for your peace of mind you can log into the security system to make sure the children and running one chaotic party in your absence.Many people live alone today and for women especially it can be kinda freaky when strangers cme visiting or when you are absent from home. Knowing who visited your property when you were absent can be very empowering and give you a sense of control over your property.  Elderly parents living alone can be monitored by the adult children to ensure that they are always safe. or if you live in remote areas of the country or down long lonely driveways a built in 4 channel camera survelliance system can give you that peace of mind.

With the built in 500 GB hard drive not only can you view the live cameras you can also record the four cameras. The four cameras could be located in a variety of areas ranging from the driveway, reception area, front door, lounge area, hall way or where you think it is important to have covereage. By also combining in with a wireless transmitter you now have a powerful system where a camera can be placed where it is in not practicable to run video cables from the recorder to the camera.

Technical Specifications:
Direct Viewing: VGA-Direct (PC free)
No configuration or computer required. Simply connect the security cameras and a VGA
monitor to the DVR.

Remote Viewing: Internet or local networkConnect the DVR to your home or office network. Then you can browse and control the surveillance system from any computer with a network connection through a web browser

Remote Viewing: 3G Mobile Phone (3GPP)
Connect the DVR to your home or office network.
Install the bundled SecuViewer software on your 3G
mobile phone and provided you have a data plan
you can view remotely.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
Format: PAL
Compression: MJPEG (recording)
MPEG4 (web streaming)
Display Resolutions: 640 544
Display Frame Rate: 100 fps
Display Division: Single / Sequence / Quad (1/4)
RecordingResolution: 640 x 272
Frame Rate: 50 fps
Mode: Continuous / Scheduled / Motion Detection
Quality: High / Normal / Low
NetworkConnection x 1: 10/100 Mbps RJ-45 port
Protocol: TCP/IP, Static IP, DHCP, PPPOE, DDNS
Remote Operation: Monitor, Record, Playback
ConnectorVideo Input x 4: RJ-45 Inputs (BNC video adapters are included)
Video Output x 1: VGA
USB 2.0 x 1: for flash drive
Mouse x 1: for USB mouse
Security CameraVideoImage Sensor: 1/4” CCD
Resolution: 420 TV Lines
Total Pixels: 500 x 582
Lens: 3.6mm
Electronic Shutter: 1/50 – 1/100,000 sec.
Signal / Noise Ratio: 48dB (AGC off)
White Balance: automatic
Gain Control: automatic
GeneralIndoor / Outdoor: all weather
Operating Temperature: -20ºC ~ 50ºC
Power Source: DC 12V ± 10%
Dimensions: 11.8 x 10.3 x 6 cm stand included
Camera Video Format – PAL

For your own peace of mind we are offering this system at an affordable rate.

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Cost $885+GST (excludes the monitored pictured)
18 inch LCD monitor $180+GST
Shipping – $24+GST New Zealand Wide

We can offer installation if required in the Auckland region. The ICE Security System can be installed by the experienced home handy man.

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