Are you hearing voices in your head or maybe it was Ultra Sound?

You might think you are going crazy, and you may well be:-) but it might just be that you have been subjected to an ultra sound audio beam. What is that I can hear you asking, and a fair question as most people have no idea what it is. For those of us to live and breath science technology, well lets just say we know how to use “spook” technology to influence you and make you hear things. 🙂

A fellow IT engineering geek up in Boston a while back went down the same what if, how come path and solved a riddle that had been baffling the US military and who began to research the technology during the Cold War. Long story short, it involved submarines, sonar technology and a “black art” spy agency within the US Government, since closed down under hush hush below the radar scenario. Now this is a real spy story involving the agency Director being found dead at the base of a building where had supposedly jumped from the top floor, hush money from a recent US Government and warehouse of previosuly missing and hidden classified documents …. a real men in Black story, except many had white coats..any way that is all another story.

Ultra sound panel

For now I want to talk about a product we are distributing that was eventually commercialised by the IT engineering geek in Boston that allows us to send a beam of audio that you can only hear if you are within the beam. Think of a torch at night time and how that performs, is essentially how the Holosonic ultra sound panel performs.

Standing next to the panel you hear a very low level distorted sound of your audio. In fact if you have never heard it before you would think it is broken.. Now if you walk 3 – 5 metres directly in front of it you suddenly hear crystal clear music or audio. Step 500mm to either die and it disappears. What you have heard some are calling is the “Voice of God” and it is rumoured that the USA military forces have been using it in the remote areas of Iran and Afghanistan to target the Taliban with messages from Allah that mysteriously appear in a certain area and outside of this area no one else heard it. Of course if the military had been using Ultra Sound it would have been the military versions of this technology.

The Spot Beam technology from ICE AV is a safe and innovative solution that is ideal and has been implemented in many situations. The Czech Post Office for example use it in their Post Shops to keep customers in a certain floor area informed. Elsewhere in the store you can not hear it…silence reigns!

The BBC used audio spot beams in public shopping Malls to promote a UK’s Radio 3 featuring classical music. You can view one of the four TV teaser ads here.

The campaign, created by Red Bee Media, has been designed to get people aged 35-plus listening to a wider range of classical music and comes as Radio 3 celebrates the anniversaries of composers Purcell, Handel, Mendelssohn and Haydn.

Red Bee Media has produced four TV trails for the radio station.

Each advert shows how different people react when they step into the BBC-branded sound spots, including women shopping, families in the park and a businessman on his way home from the office.

The circles on the ground were printed with the words: “Please step in”.

When member of the public stepped into the designated spots, they were suddenly able to hear classical music as if wearing headphones.

It enables sound to be specifically targeted at a specific spot — the projected sound can only be heard when someone stands at an exact point.

Anton Ezer, Red Bee Media’s creative director, said: “The music chosen for the sound spots is completely engrossing and highlights some of the most beautiful works by Handel, Haydn, Purcell and Mendelssohn featured on Radio 3 as the station celebrates the anniversaries of these composers.

“By framing the compositions in a contemporary lens through the use of the revolutionary audio spotlights, the trails aim to lead those who enjoy classical music to the wealth of wonderful music and performance broadcast on Radio 3.”

The BBC Radio 3 campaign appeared in early 2009 on BBC One, BBC Two and BBC Four.

The two models ICE AV is distributing are the 16 inch and 24 inch square panels. They can be ceiling or wall mounted and very thoughtfully inserted into as suspended ceiling taking uo one half tile. The stand coilour finish is Black and White and custom printing allows any image or pattern to be printed over the tile. The “its there but not seen” scenario helps to add to the magic and invisible nature of the sound source. The panel can be aimed at precise spots, bounced off walls and where the point of reflection you would swear a speaker was installed there. On the other end of the speaker you also have crystal clear audio – two for the price of one. In addition, with careful placement you are then able to send an audio beam around the corner that can be a fun and makes for a very creative installation.

Overall the beauty of the Holosonic audio beam is that you can place crystal clear audio into a 3 dimensional space. You could actually measure the beam precisely with a tape ,easure is how accurate it can be. Outside that area …complete silence.When we then add some of the other magic technology, wireless, interactivity and new dimension opens up. Welcome to my world of engineering magic and men working around in black coats.

If this technology intriques or opens up business opportunities for you please contact us. If James Bond or Maxwell Smart are not available just ask for Kevin. (he’s the one in a black coat) !

Following are download links – technical data sheet for the audio spotlight speaker system
Web site link.

Distribution and Sales.
Please contact ICE AV Technology Ltd if you wish to install ultra sound beams in your museum, art gallery and retail store.

ICE AV Technology Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand
Tel +64-9-414 2348 sales @


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