Jake Furmage identified as being one of the 3D Optics White Van scammers operating in Auckland

The internet is truely the great equaliser. Last year an industry colleaque mentioned about these “amazing” 3D Optics projector deals on TradeMe in New Zealand. However when I bought my life time of experience on projectors to bear I smelt something, and it was not the smell of a woman’s perfume. In fact what I smelt was a stinking rat parading as a cute rabbit.

Since then I have doug deep into what is known as the White Van scam and the 3D Optics and Kevlar fake AV gear. Sure the gear is real but it is a complete fraud for what it is claimed, including the web sites, 100 pages highly glossy cataloque. All of it is a complete scam and I would go to say is probably the largest audio visual scam seen on the streets of New Zealand and many other countries. We know it is prevalent in Australia as well.

Since our covert operation (see earlier posting) we are recieiving regualr phone calls and emails from those who were about to be scammed or those who were scammed. Thanks to these folks we are publishing these details the scammers gave to their potential clients.

All these details below are assoicated in some way as direct sellers or part of the 3D Optics and Kevlar speaker scam. We expect in due course that once they clear exisitng stock they may flip over to another scam brand name – see the list we published in our earlier article.

We know these names are scam sellers of the 3D Optics, Kevlar gear in New Zealand. (we will keep adding to this list)

Jake Furmage (vehicle license sighted)

Mobile tel number 021 02216602

Vehicle driven DGR385

Other Vehicles used by scammers include



Cell PhoneWatch out for their confidence trick where they will say… “we will give you our cell phone number, look ring this number and and it will ring on my phone” Remember this could easily be a prepaid and belong to the man on the moon. If it is prepaid you will have no way of tracking them and besides you can pickup a phone for $50 use it for the week and then sell or toss it a week later. When you are making a huge killing and profit margin on each unit sold this is a small minor cost to run the scam.

Be sure to read the article at this link on the covert operation we carried out.

If you are looking for a reputable projector with discounted pricing with genuine savings and some bonuses, ICE AV is running a Mitsubishi ex demo promotion for July and August 2013.

ICE AV Mitsubishi promotion


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