Take care what you think, you might just be controlling the external world with your thoughts.

ICE AV Technology is starting down the road of brain wave interaction using non drug neural brain thought controlled computing and builds on its path that started with its iQRite touch frame and surface Thru Glass touch technology and virtual world life size SimDeck Formula Race car simulators.

In this very informative 27 minute presentation by Ariel Garten, CEO, Interaxon encapsulates the trend towards Thought based computing.

Thinking has never been more at the cutting edge of computer controlled. What was once science fiction in movies like Star Trek has now become a reality. Interaxon used the Vancouver Olympics to allow members of the public to light up buildings 3,000 miles away and lights at Niagara Falls.

Brain wave interaction based computing might seem to the uninformed to be gooble gook tinkering by geeks, but in fact its applications have the potential to have a profound affect on our personal well being, health recovery, education, how we can influence our environment or how our environment might auotmatically respond to how we feel.

Thought Based computing headset

The technology that enables Thought Based computing to occur is manufactured by a couple of companies, and whilst the technology is not readily available world wide and on a restricted distribution basis, ICE AV has been fortunate to have been accepted to commence developing local knowledge, expertise and experience with a view to expanding the awareness and public awarenes of Thought Based Computing here down under. ICE AV is keen to collaborate with all disciplines that has an intersted in exploring Thought Based Computing.

ICE AV is planning to being able to demonstrate and implement examples of Thought Based Computing in the near future. By combining interactive touch, eye based interaction, body gesture and thought based computation a dynamic new user experience is being developed by pioneers around the world.

Now what was that thought I had, oh yes thats right, I was thinking to send a tweet and then have a coffee …hmmm

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