ICE AV’s provides a diverse range of LED digital display products

Most people have seen the giant digital displays outdoors along side public areas or in stadiums. In many cases they consist of metal cabinets with LEDs mounted on the front. They provide stunning quality over large sizes and will be be the basis of many applications in the years ahead.

Outdoor Screens

ICE AV Outdoor Digital Billboard - the first permanent streetside digital billboard installed in Taranaki

There is a new breed of LED technology starting to be implemented that falls into a different category called LED Curtains. One of the huge differences is the physical format – they are light, often but not always transparent, very modular and in some cases depending on screen size could be installed by one hard working technican. Typically the finest pitch is about 18mm Pitch.

The ICE Bri-Curtain is a very unique LED screen designed for very large ourdoor screens. Now by large I mean LARGE, think larges as in the side of a building 100 meters in the air and say 5000 sq metres. Mounting a Bri-Curtain high up the side of a building requires careful planning and logistics.

The ICE Mesh LED Curtain is a rigid panel solution that gives a excellent image when the viewing distance is starting at around 15m indoors and where you want a large image.

The Mesh Screen type might be a suitable scenario for your up and coming display as these are very light weight comparatively with a transaparent see thru the screen look. This presentation will give you a feel for this type.

The Strip Tile LED Curtain is a non Flexible screen that can be used to build any shape screen simply by bolting and mounting the sections together.

The ICE Flexible LED Curtain Screen is a scalable large panel LED Screen with the theme of Fold – Roll – Hang
It is a non transparent screen and can be used as one large screen or separated into small screens, providing excellent flexibility.

Digital Screen - Roll - Fold - hang

The ICE AV Flexible LED Screen can be joined together, hung from a bar, rolled and folded.

These resources might help for determing viewing distances.

General Resource Guide for LED screens

About resolution

How to choose

LED catalogue


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