Presentations are becoming sophisticated dynamic and live and SO EASY to achive thanks to DataPoint from ICE AV

DataPoint from ICE AV

Programmes like PowerPoint from Microsoft are well entrenched in most people’s minds as the tool to present corporate, education and motivational material. Whilst many people like to create colourful presentation with animation, video, beautiful back grounds, one of the huge challenges is how do you repesent information, video and graphics sitting in any number of databases….EFFICIENTLY day in and day out.

The challenge is further compounded when you are required to do this time and time again. The headache really starts when you need to present any type of data be it machine performance info, call centre info, HR information, financial records, sales details and customer details, or customised presentations for 100’s of clients. The nightmare commences for the presenter or designer if they need to do this on a daily or constant basis for clients and you lack time for preparing one presentation let alone one for each appointment.

ICE AV has the perfect solution called DataPoint and allows dynamic live or off line presentations that is powered by an excel database. In fact a wide range of enterprise type databases are perfect, though today everyone seems to have Excel as part of the Microsoft Office programme. So for now we will talk only about this.

DataPoint from ICE AV is a software package that designs, distributes and shows Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with dynamic information derived from various data sources. These presentations are filled with the latest data available and is refreshed automatically as soon as new information becomes available. It eliminates the actions necessary to continuously modify and redistribute a presentation.

DataPoint is a software package that designs, distributes and shows Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with dynamic information derived from various data sources. These presentations are filled with the latest data available and is refreshed automatically as soon as new information becomes available. It eliminates the actions necessary to continuously modify and redistribute a presentation. Originally Microsoft PowerPoint presentations contain shapes and objects, all containing static information. In order to display the latest information, a presentation has to be modified, saved and redistributed.

DataPoint from ICE AV is a major break through in presentation software that delivers real intelligence for PowerPoint

A DataPoint-enabled presentation can be shown life on a monitor – e.g. production data in a factory – or it can be used to generate new up-to-date presentations – e.g. a product catalog or real estate presentation.

Imagine this: You have a wide variety of graphics, financials, web site links, text, etc that needs to be displayed.

Now traditionally you might have gone and created a 30 page PowerPoint slide. this week it is version one, next week version two and so on. Each page requiring tweaking, entering the information by hand and spending hours preparaing and checking, week after week. The boss is pressuring you to be out on the road, or you find you can not get a fast enough turn around preparing for each sales call.

Now this is where it gets really smart and interesting. What if you only needed to create ONLY ONE Slide in PowerPoint and it presented all the information or key points, can you imagine how efficient this would make your time. With DataPoint from ICE AV this is now possible to achieve by simply using Excel as the storage of where all you text, web site links, grahic names etc are entered. Each Excel cell has its own unique info and this is matched to a PowerPoint text field or Object link. Simple set up the initial Powerpoint page, of course, depending on how much information you have you might need more than one PowerPoint slide page. Now each time you open PowerPoint the information is automatically displayed in the correct field, correct slide and at the correct point in your presentation. Perfect the template in PowerPoint once now allows you to concentrate on the important aspect which is compiling your customers information in your master Excel database.

Now lets imagine you have a small or large sales team and they all need customised Presentations each day for their various clients the call centre has organised. Supporting them is a team of designers or if a small company it might be an allocated responsible for the Sales and Marketing Support person.

Each day the Support Person would maintain the spreadsheet with all the relevant details and simply the sales Rep would load it into a precise folder on their laptop and head off to their meeting. Spefically there are two options to follow.

There are essentially two option paths for you to consider.

1 – The 5 sales rep will simply open the pre-prepared presentation out in the field and go thru it with the client. We call this off line presentation.

2 – The 5 sales rep needs to update a item of data when they open the presentation. We call this a dynamic presentation.

The Support team create the presentation based on the current presentation, and saving it into a static presentation as some kind of template. After the generation, no dynamic links to your data files are needed. You can generate an offline presentation from within DataPoint in order to communicate and distribute your slide show to others that do not have any DataPoint software installed.

Also you can create an offline presentation to freeze the information in e.g. a sales reporting show per week. By generating an offline presentation, the dynamic content will be refreshed only once and then the dynamic links will be broken. This presentation has become a complete static presentation that be distributed to others. Requirements To create an offline presentation you need DataPoint Standard Edition or DataPoint Enterprise Edition.

Process to generate the Presentation

Start Microsoft PowerPoint and open the desired presentation.

Now click Create offline presentation from the DataPoint menu. The new offline presentation will be saved as a temporary file.

You can name and save it to a specific location.

Each client’s presentation could be a separate PPT file or could be a unique slide on PPT file.

So the sales Rep would either open up the relevant PPT for Client One and present, or open up today’s PPT file containing the 5 client presentations and each slide is particular to each client. You would establish a naming and location protocol in the database that would drive the content on the PPT slide. Whilst datapoint can be used with an extensive range of databases, I would imagine that you might accumulate the relevant data into a master database which could simply be Excel. Then as each Clients data is prepared into the actual PPT Excel file the path would be as follows.

Excel A1 = Client name = PPT Text Field 1
Excel A2 = Client Account # = PPT Text Field 2
Excel A3 = Client Data1 = PPT Text Field 3
Excel A4 = Client Graphic1 = PPT Text Field 4

The PPT Fields are placed according to typical good Power Point Design principals. Depending how much data might need to be displayed on a single PPT Slide at any one time you might find that a Clients presentation may need to sit over two slides Elements for example that can be incorporated Clock, Text, Table shapes, Graph, Picture, Movie, Linked objects, Linked websites.


Here is your first step to gaining back time and becoming more effective. download link here.

Demo version is 15 days fully functional and can be uninstalled at expiration of the test period or activated with a license key. The final and full version is already contained in this demo download.

All the details of DataPoint from ICE AV are on this brochure well summarising the key aspects.

DataPoint software from ICE AV is the perfect partner for many of the innovative hardware products from ICE AV, including our interactive screens, Digital Daytime screens. Contact sales at iceav do co nz or telephone +64-9-414 2348

DataPoint is used by some of the largest companies world wide including Microsoft.

DataPoint is used by some of the most innovative IT companies world wide

We would like to share with you a web site where you can recieve free backgrounds and HD quality video for your next Powerpoint Presentation.


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