The ICE Mini Handset Keyboard, Touch pad and Laser Pointer

ICE AV introduces an amazing 3 in one presentation and mobile computing device. The ICE Ultra Mini Keyboard can be used with any Windows computer or tablet.

For presenters the solution can be a real bonus as it combines a wireless capability of up to 30 metres back to the computer, a laser pointer and scratch mouse pad, delivering unsurpassed mobility.

ICE Ultra Mini Keyboard

Innovative Wireless Ultra Mini Querty keyboard, scratch pad, laser pointer


1.2.4GHz Ultra Mini Keyboard
2.Operating distance: less then 30 meter
3.Build in li-battery:500-700 hours

2.4GHz Ultra Mini Keyboard Information

1.Packing List

Wireless combiner:1 pc;
Wireless reciver:1 pc;
Charging Data Cable:1 pc
User Manual:1 pc

ICE Ultra Mini Keyboard

Hand fitting size keyboard

2.System Require:
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista ,windows CE,windows 7
Linux(Debian-3.1,Redhat-9.0 Ubuntu-8.10 Fedora-7.0 tested)
PS3, Xbox 360
Mac OS

Operating distance: less then 30 meter
Model: DSSS model RF
Transmitting power: Max +4dBm
Working voltage: 3.3V
Working current: <150mA
Charge voltage: 4.2V~5.05V
Charge current: <350mA
Sleep current: <1mA

ICE Ultra Mini Keyboard and presentation tool

Suitable for all computer OS systems

4.Measurement and Weight
Product: dimension: 15.1*5.9*1.1cm weight:102g
Box: dimension: 18.7*9.4*4.3cm weight:243g


Backlight function with a handheld keypad
2.4G wireless receiver integrated design
Touchpad 90-degree flip
Innovative design of the Navigation keys
Windows Multimedia Control
Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Standby time:500-700 hours
Laserpointer with remote control
With a real notebook Touchpad
Real QWERT full-function mini keyboard,Portable, elegant, lifestyle

Versatile Ultra Mini Keyboard

Interactive keyboard, scratch pad and laser pointer

Contact ICE AV Technology Ltd
Tel 09-414 2348


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