Ex Beijing Olympics LED Screen Sell off – Fantastic pricing

LED Screen Division: Product Promotion

ICE AV has the resale rights for a number of the LED screens that were used in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and we are now offering these world wide. The screens have been in warehouse storage since the Olympics. Now this stock MUST SELL ASAP, hence the heavily reduced pricing.

ex Beijing Olympics LED Screen - 6mm Pitch

Here is the link to the 30 page specification sheets and visuals document.

Full Spec sheets and visuals

Please contact us direct for pricing if you are interested in this rare opportunity. sales at iceavglobal dot com

The key aspects of the stock are as follows.

Cabinets are waterproof grade, metal rear access cabinets
Products has been passed the certification of ISO9001-2008, 3C, CE, UL etc
Average hours of use 10,000 hours
Cabinets all the same colour
Cabinet dimensions vary according to Pitch size
Minimum Order Qty 1sqm
Delivery prep time 7 days
Payment Term: T/T 50% deposit with order, balance prior to despatch ex works
Package: Reinforced timber packaging.
Flight Cases available an addititonal cost
No Reserves, First Come First Sold on basis of deposit paid.
Warranty 2 years parts and labour. Excludes any freight costs
Pricing ex FOB Xiamen, China
Available for shipping world wide
Availability and pricing subject to change without further notice.
Spec sheets are available
Brightness Grade – Indoors or evening use…. 2000 NITS

You are able to buy any qty of screen cabinets required for your project opportunities.

This is a once in a blue moon opportunity.
4mm Pitch is incredible fine detail and at the price offered is a fraction of the standard reseller price which normally starts at around $US6,000 per sq m. At a viewing distance of 4m you can view a stunningly detailed high resolution image. 4mm Pitch is considered to be HD grade in the LED world.

We do not expect this stock to be around for very long as we are offering the stock world wide.

If you are looking at opportunities and how to sell this opportunity to your client please give me a call for my assistance. A 2 x 2 LED wall would look pretty stunning in any retail or shopping mall location in your city.

There are some other minor costs incurred for the signal electronics and that will depend on the screen size and pitch.
In the big picture these are breadcrumb costs.

If you need for us to install and commission for you as well we can give you pricing once all the parameters are known.

If you have been thinking about installing a video wall in your shop, reception, airport, ferry building, museum, sports facility, Gym or anywhere that you require large bright, high detailed images then do not hesitate to take advantage of this limited time offer and promotion. We expected the savvy client who recognises a good deal to snap these up quickly.

Kevin Andreassend
ICE AV Technology Ltd
Auckland, New Zealand
Tel +64-9-4142348
Mob 027 647 2267
iceavglobal at gmail.com
sales at iceavglobal.com


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