Interactive Real Estate Window Projection Screen

Interactive Division: Dynamic interactive images with movement, animation and vibrant colours, attract the attention from pedestrians. By utilising the large window area of real estate offices, creative marketing can be achieved. Drawing attention is the key to motivating potential buyers to stop and investigate housing or commercial premises you have available.

Retail touch screen

Interactive thru glass systems means there is no technology installed on the footpath.

By using projection or LCD/Plasma with the I.C.E touch foil or iQRite Touch frames companies like this NZ real estate company can achieve the results they need as part of their monitored marketing plan.

By combining one of the ICE Digital Daytime rear projection screens with a range of optional innovative technologies, state of-the-art systems can be achieved to capture the attention of potential buyers.

In this installation, an Auckland real estate office, faced a challenge with their new up market, first floor sales office. The downstairs footpath office staircase window provided very limited space for property cards to promote the million dollar plus properties. After discussions with leading specialist AV display integration company, ICE AV, a system was designed based on the recently patented interactive surface sensor technology and new projection polymer based light intensification screens. It was decided to turn the entire downstairs office entrance window into an interactive touch screen, pioneering a concept in New Zealand. Now with latest in window display technology installed, a new system for displaying real estate properties has been proven.

Traditionally office windows have been used to display only the printed property display cards, however by using a ICE Display system, real estate offices can bring their marketing alive. Now ICE AV is offering the very latest trend of Social Media based digital displays.

In addition the system can be used to market related companies and services like lawyers, bank loans, moving companies, landscape services, house preparation, renovation services and the like.

One major advantage projection has over plasma / lCd screens is the ability to achieve larger image size per per square m cost. In addition the use of LED screens allows absolute brightness capable of daytime use and can be incorporated with both in air gesture, laminate and frame touch solutions.

Combined with our various Interactive Content Management Software solutions ICE AV has complete solutions for the commercial and real estate display market.

Contact ICE AV Technology, Tel +64-9-4142348 or sales at


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