Interactive floors for body immersion.

The world of interactive surfaces are launching every where these days. From your pocket, TV set, under your feet, shop windows, monitors.

The overhead interactive floor projection system from iQRite brings the ground alive beneath your feet.

The over head mounted system creates a projected image that becomes totally interactive as you walk, swing your arms or give the floor a kick in the image area.

The system ships complete with all the hardware, computer, software, brackets etc for a ready to install unit with a handful of initial effects and additional ones are available for purchase.

– Operating Computer
– projector – 4500 ansi
– USB video capture
– video capture card
– Cables
– Power adapter
– mounting bracket
– Interactive software
– 8 effects from list below.
– USB dongle

Typically the display system creates an image size as follows
100″ dia @ 2.4m
150″ dia @ 3.6m
200″ dia @ 4.8m (4m Lx 3m W)

Of course the system can be used in other scenarios where the display the user is interacting with is a wall mounted screen or even billboard LED screens.

So you might be asking, ok with all this gear, image on the floor, interactivity what can I use it for? That’s a good question because nobody has an interactive floor at home so what is the benefit out of home.

The iQRite interactive floor is ideal as an retail, expo or brand experience. On the download link is a catalog of the effects available and more are being developed.

From interactive gardens, fish, water, adverts, fireworks, flower garden the effects have this interesting affect where folk try to catch the system out with their interactivity speed. Such is the fascination of floor interactive systems.


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