Don’t settle for ugly video walls with criss crossing black bar bezels.

Flat Panel Display: There is a growing demand for bigger, sharper display panels for video walls. One aspect that is crucial is the width of the seam. For plasma and LCD video display walls many use the phrase “seamless” very loosely.

Plasma display wall

seamless video wall

Even when it is a 5mm bezel width on a single panel side, sales folk mistakenly still describe this as seamless which is a gross exaggeration. To be truly seamless LED screens are one of the few technologies that have no seam between each display block.

Coming in very closely and currently the finest seam in the world is the Cima plasma panels and for a 60 inch the seam is either 3.8mm or 2.8mm IN TOTAL distance between TWO panels. This remarkable thin size is where the technology is at present and allows a virtually seamless video wall. The Cima panels are distributed by ICE AV and available world wide.

The difference in the two seams is due to either the 120 inch model (4 panels – 3.8mm) or the unlimited size wall monitor with a 2.8mm seam between image sections.

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  1. Here is an interesting paper about the effects of bezels on large screen displays, from the people at Toronto.

    Effects of Interior Bezels of Tiled-Monitor Large Displays
    on Visual Search, Tunnel Steering, and Target Selection

    Click to access bezeleffects.pdf

    More info here:

    Cheers Craig

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