Interactive Objects, Surfaces, Motion, Posters with the new iQrite PT series.

Interactive Division: We have added a new range of interactive hardware that implements touch in an entirely new way. iQRite has a new range added, known as the iQRite Polytouch Model and allows hot spots on paper, on a map, beneath a surface, in air, presence, distance, motion, action to be the trigger or place of interaction.

This new range of iQRite product compliments our other touch frames, foils can add capability to your projects where a touch frame is not suitable. Our above surface capacitance touch pads allow the finger to be the touch switch trigger simply by touching – ideal if you wish to create a hot spot beneath a precise area of a poster, and almost by magic the paper knows where you precisely touched. Able to operate beneath paper posters where you can enable hot spots beneath a map.

Previously to create a simple touch sensitive 30mm square beneath a sheet of 10mm timber was cumbersome and expensive. Now with this new range we remove the headache to implement such requirements. The 30mm square PCB sensor’s area can be expanded simply by using metal foil to extend the size.

Hot Spot Controller

20 Input Channel Hub Controller

Download Overview Guides
System Overview

Operational Software Overview

16 Port Serial Controller

Thru Surface Touch

LED Interactive Labels

Our new interactive component system that delivers new ways to create interactive triggers via an action, movement, pressure, touch spot or removal. For example this will allows a spot on a poster to be interactive, individual locations on a window street map, or touching a bottle.

The interactive content is not only limited to display and sound. Actually almost any electronic and electrical devices can be your interactive object. For example the metal detector sensor can be used as the trigger so that when it senses metal it can be the trigger to cause media to play or a light to come on. The way it can be used is really only limited to your imagination and what you are trying to achieve.

At the heart of the systems is a USB Host Controller and with installed application controller software anything thing can be a trigger to display media or external functions.

With ICEAV’s 16-Way Serial Relay Controller, you can use your finger, your foot, your body control almost anything you want, such as lighting, motor controlled projection screen, projector lift, automatic curtain, air conditioner, monitor camera etc.

When working with our Interactive Software, each port of the 16-Way Serial Relay Controller can be programmed. When the sensor detects a touch behavoir, a signal will send to the Central Controller, then a keyboard character related to that touch will send to the interactive programm, user can define different relay action to that event, like open or close one port or a combination action of multiple ports.

No programming language like C/C++/VB is required.

Capacitance Sensor

The Thru Surface sensor is just one of the various innovative ways to add magic to your surface.


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