Powerful new software engages with shoppers and browsers

Consumers have become smart, savvy, hard to fool, informed and educated. They can sense when advertisers are simply trying to suck $ out of their pocket. Want consumers want to today are to be valued, appreciated, involved, made to feel special, communicated with in a timely manner.

Here we have one software application and concept we want to describe the changes the paradigm that builds on Social Media, digital signage, location based buying, GPS and mobility in a Digital Out of Home Display channel. This could extend to one solution we have where you could integrate the stores Four Square location, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr and converges the shoppers mobile phone, your online presence, patrons online presence and allows bidirectional communication.

This video link show how retailers create a powerful brand channel and still at this phase of early adoption a unique consumer experience.

For High Street retailers who are being hit on all sides, the question to ask is what innovation can they use to grow sales, their brand and converge their online and offline engagement?

The public do not want to be shouted at with Buy Me Buy me – (think traditional advertising) and as I heard on a TV advertising forum panel recently the phrase “pay and spray”. In other words the advertiser pays for agency to create the ego building campaign and then it is sprayed over the public to get buy in, eyeballs and hopefully a return. Along this thought you could have assumed that advertising agencies as an industry would be leading the adoption of Social Media, in this writers opinion Social Media has taken a major side swipe as the consumer has taken ownership of the brand and the buying process whilst the advertising industry group are slowly coming to the plate. In the meantime many companies have just gone off to make their own brand success using Social Media in the online world on their own account.

Concepts such as “show rooming” is making a major impact on retail, where the public simply wander into the store, note your pricing, even taking photos and then off home to check out an online price or worst still, using a smart phone search to see who has a cheaper price. This trend is becoming a worrying concern to retailers worldwide.

Social media integrated advertising engagement at a national Gaming Event.


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