State of the Art Blue Ocean Custom Acrylic Cylindrical Screens

Screen Division: ICE AV Is a global partner with Japanese acrylic manufacturer Nippura, creators of the amazing state of the art Blue Ocean laminated rear projection screens.

Jet plane canopies, large scale aquariums and high grade rear projection screens all have one thing in common – the world’s purest grade acrylic from Nippura. For projection screens they are a high tolerance ultra-clear panel of cell-cast acrylic in a three plane laminate. The screens are the first self stand rigid panels and available in customs and standard sizes.

For simulation and multi channel screens they can be manufactured as multi channel cylindrical screens as pictured below.

Spherical Custom Screen

The thickness of each screen can be fabricated so that it maintains its form without external frames or tension systems. Because of its durability, outdoor applications of entertainment around the garden and pool are also possible. In fact if incorporated with care they make the perfect privacy screen along side the swimming pool and at the flick of a switch of the projector can become a high definistion rear projection screen.

ICE Simulation screen

Comparing screen performance ideally should be done subjectively. In the picture below with 1500 LUX falling the screens from daylight we compare the Blue Ocean Cast Acrylic screen and our laminate polymer Dupix.

Screen comparison

Free standing rear projection high definition acrylic screen.

ICE Rear Projection Screens

For further information click here for a download PDF
Information Pack
Outdoor Information
Briefing Sheet

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