ICE introduces its 5.8 GHz Wireless Video System for Industrial Application

Components Division: New Zealand is a dynamically spread out land where the bulk of the land is in rural farmland, natural untouched landscapes and pocketed with towns and cities. To meet the demand for the rural farmer to manage security and communication over the large properties, ICE AV is introducing low cost video and audio transmission systems.

security sectors

Our systems are suitable for a wide range of commercial sectors

Security and management is increasingly becoming an important aspect which in part is created by the notable isolation farms are from the farm yard house and distances between properties. The transmission system from ICE is ideal for farmers needing to monitor remote gates, buildings, machinery and access ways.

Industrial Wireless Transmission

Industrial Grade Wireless Sender Receiver System

The systems do not require any specific audio visual engineering skills and are well within the capability of any farmer to install.

ICE AV will be launching three signal strengths 500watt, 5dbi 16dbi, 18dbi. At full strength line of sight will allow 1000m of transmission distance.

Powerful 5.8 GHz wireless audio/video sender. Enable crystal clear video and stereo audio signal received from far away CCTV camera / satellite TV / digital TV set top box / DVD & BD player. Available for any AV output device on 5.8GHz band to keep it interference free from 2.4GHz band and an external & directional dipole antenna providing excellent transmission distance up to 500 meters(clear line of sight). For longer distance, you can connect to our optional & powerful Antennas.

• Worldwide 5.8GHz ISM Band
• No Interference from Crowded 2.4GHz Band
• Transmit any Audio/ Video Signal by Wireless
• Compatible with both NTSC/ PAL
• Digital LED Channel Display
• 7-Channel Selectable
• Easy Installation and Setup
• Excellent to penetrate Walls, Floors, Ceilings,— and so on.
• Antenna Replaceable
Model Power output
TR-5801 10mw
TR-5810 100mw
TR-5850 500mw

Technical wireless specifications

Wireless Transmission Specifications

Antenna Rear

Industrial Video and Audio Receiver/Transmitter panel

Remote camera installation

Video wireless system

ICE AV is also introducing its range of camera solutions for day and night time use including its premium high definition 1080P security camera that will provide high resolutions images, instead of the low sharpness of many installed cameras.


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