What will our IT experience look like in five years time? IBM gives us their insight in their annual crystal ball.

IBM have been one of the industry back bones for eons and for the consumer market they probably seem long gone from their mindset. I recall applying to work as a Sales Engineer for IBM in the early 70’s as my leg into a career in the emerging computer industry. These five videos IBM have released reminds me of just how far we have come since those days and how much our lives and the way we connect and do business, shop, enjoyment entertainment has changed since those very early days.

IBM Touch World

IBM Touch World

These videos are now in their 7th season that IBM has published the 5-in-5 list of five technology innovations that IBM researchers believe will become a reality in five years time. The amount of knowledge, developments, hardware, software and expertise developed since those early years in the 70’s is quite remarkable.

Further insite published here.
IBM View of the emerging smart connected world


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