3D Projection can create engaging times and break thru with visitor participation at trade shows

Recently folk have been querying and asking us to advise and recommend on 3D displays and how to achieve this at low cost, effective in well lit environments and of course large in your face 3D images.

With the thrust of 3D panels into the home in the last couple of years, it could be natural to think that flat panel displays would suit, and whilst this could be true, it becomes impractical, costly when you start to talk about 100″, 130″ size 3D flat panel displays. Besides that, no manufacturers are offering 130 inch 3D panels. The other issues always foremeost in mind for the avearge company is the portability. When you are a small company and not spread globally, the perception might be that 3D displays of any decent sizes are big in every sense when it comes to price and weight!

This month we evaluated the Optoma HD33 3D projector on a ICE DDT 3D Lens 82″ screen with Amber Ltd here in Auckland at their showroom. The visual experience was without question in the well lit show room was outstanding and the team at Amber were without a doubt impressed. Previously they had used one of their Matt White Screens with the room lights off.

With the range of ICE DDT Lens screens, 3D projection is a real solution that can help many companies. Typical screen sizes start at 72″ and up to 100″ are managed by companies without having to need fork lifts and a extensive lifting considerations. With a 92 inch ICE DDT 3D screen the weight is only 21 kg and not unreasonable to shift from office to expo.

So why would a company use 3D in an expo?

First simply playing a 3D movie at your expo is a waste of time and effort, and since it is not your companies job to show off the novelty of new technology, unless of course you are in the display business then you are missing the point of 3D and its tremendous advantage in visualization.

3D is the perfect tool when you need to be able to show depth, relationships and a perception of reality, For example companies, architects, GIS, mapping, engineering, housing, construction companies and product manufacturers are all perfect candidates for showing their work and products in 3D. Staff should be trained in how to use 3D visualisation as a sales tool to allow exhibit visitors to discover and explore features rather than just as a entertaining, “that is cool” gimmick. Now keep in mind that one of the key aspects of the expo is that you want visitors to visit, stay and engage with staff to discuss your product and services.

Large format 3D projected images are still relatively unique in most exhibitions and this is where ICE AV can help those first movers gain the competitive edge.

The Optoma HD33 DLP entertainment projector provides amazing and brilliant color performance at a very affordable price. These home theater quality DLP projectors integrate must-have features that allow users to project images of up to 300 inches without investing in a more-expensive, smaller-screen television. Though the HD33 is bright at 1800 ANSI lumens and delivers clear images with a contrast ratio of 4000:1. The use of the Optoma HD33 in a normal expo exhibit environment is going to be challenging with all the lights that are normally on and that is where the ICE Digital Daytime Lens screens create real screen magic.

3D Projector

Key Features of HD33

Bright at 1800 ANSI lumens and contrast ratio of 4000:1
True 1080p 2D/3D for Blu-ray and gaming consoles
Up to 300” screen size for large group viewing
Backlit IR remote control
Features Texas Instruments 1080p DLP® chipset
PureMotion image processing ensures smooth, judder-free images


ICE 3D Projectors screens is a unique screen that has huge reflection efficiency with the ability to dramatically reduce the effect of ambient light and at the same time creates the perfect surface for 3D projection with the room lights on.

A nice bonus of an ICE Lens 3D projection screen is that they are perfect for use in your meeting or training room for such standard 2D content as information spread sheets, presentations or video conference and all the while keeping the room lights on. If you are looking to create break through, tired of your existing exhibit efforts, wanting to share your products and content in a new way then 3D might be a potential solution you need to consider. We welcome your email or phone call if you would like to explore how to improve your display solutions. Tel +_64-9-414 2348 sales at iceavglobal.com


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