Retail, Meeting & Control Rooms, Shopping Malls get a significant helping hand with ICE integrated 120″ Displays

The ICE Cima 120 inch panels are an integrated commercial grade display system designed for a wide variety of applications and perfect in TV studios, Retail displays, fashion stores, vehicle show rooms, meeting rooms or virtual display rooms.

ICE 120 inch Plasma

Many people install video walls and due to the thick bezel between each monitor they look rather ugly. Here in NZ one of TV channels missed the opportunity to avoid this issue and installed monitors with the larger bezel and now every time the news is delivered the thick black line cuts the visual line behind the presenters. This could have been easily avoided by installing the cost efficient ICE Cima panels with the thinnest edge panels.

With our Cima 120 we make the luxury of large format large panel displays affordable. How we do this? Instead of building 120 inch panels with high manufacturing costs and manufacturing failure rates, we use 60 inch edge matched panels, thereby greatly reducing costs.

ICE Cima 120 inch scren

The floor standing structure provides and elegant solution for creating the large display anywhere within the venue. In addition the screen can be wall mounted for fixed installations.


The ICE 120 inch Cima model displays are available for shipping world wide. Contact us direct on tel +64-9-441 2348 or sales at iceavglobal .com


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