Square Digital LCD Tiles designed for mapped image shapes, custom display walls are going to be a lot more affordable.

Preview Notice: ICE AV is pleased to provide a pre-launch preview of our pending Square Displays. The importance of visual display screens has become into every aspect of business, design, communication, entertainment an creativity. Our dynamic range of solutions continues to expand with the ICE Squared Tiles.

LCD Sqaure display tile

These early preview photos give an indication of how designers and architects could add unique dynamic shaped image display walls in ways that demonstrate creativity and new interior implementation methods The Flat Panel Square Tile will enables diverse and interesting shape video walls, displays and layouts and when combined with the creative use of the content a truly unique implementation is possible. The new Square Tile is a new concept as a building block digital tile and sure to capture the mindset of industries like the retail sector, digital signage, art venues, foyers, museums, and reception areas.

Simply placing a 42 inch LCD screen on a stand is so last century, and whilst that technique is still the preferred method today their is a new breed of thinkers and innovators who are reaching out to create new dynamic visual experiences.

LCD Square screen

The size of wall is really only restricted by project budget and and available space. The ICE Square Digital Tiles can be arranged in any shape or size you can imagine. The fine screen edge bezel is an important factor to delivering the uniform image. The ICE Digital Display Square Tiles are similar in concept to the Christie Microtiles however the technology is different and the pricing is notably less. No matter how innovative a new product is, the price is always an important factor, so ICE AV is confident that the new low price point will be a real advantage for those wanting to be innovative in their creative digital implementation.

We will be releasing tech details and pricing shortly and wanted to give our fans an early bird update. Be sure to tell us how you would use this exciting new affordable solution.

ICE Display screens

Please contact us direct on +64-9-414 2348 and sales at iceavglobal com for technical and pricing details.


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