Hologram Displays now available from ICE AV to create virtual Magic on the Screen

The concept of Holograms in mid air have mesmerised generations to have an image in mid air that is dynamic with motion and colour and yet transparent. In 1993 I saw my first larger than life Hologram image that was based on fresnel projection and was almost unbelievable in it impact…more so when it was live and reacted to me.

Virtual watches with Dreamoc

Since then new technologies and concepts have been developed such as augmented reality, the Google Glasses and holographic stage performances. One concept that has been developed and shipping from ICE AV is the Dreamoc Hologram Displays that allows 3 side viewing of a hologram image illusion with complete motion and stunning resolution. The systems are a self contained display cabinet and within a hologram appears if full colour and motion creating a total eye candy mesmerising apparition within the elegant display cabinet.

The display system allows real physical objects to be incorporated into the hologram projected image and creates an impressive result.

Contact ICE AV to discuss how hologram illusions can enhance your business activities.
Tel +64-9-414 2348 sales at iceavglobal dot com

Dreamoc Model Unit Brochure

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