Amazing Daytime Outdoor projection success baffles many people.

Daytime projection capability is not understood by many people as it goes against everything they have been told, seen, and experienced.

outdoor projection screen

daytime projection screen

ICE AV has always been pushing the boundaries of audio visual capability and technology integration and with our slogan of “Magic is in the Screen”. The ability of projecting in well lit environments is seen as a No No by many people and for Managing Director, Kevin Andreassend it is perfectly understandable as the AV industry and people in general have been so accustomed to using poor performing and inefficient matt white screens that simply discard a lot of the light from the projector.

Understanding that the screen is the crucial part to start with first rather than the projector is an odd position as most projector buyers are under the misunderstanding that to get a brighter image you need a brighter projector. This failure in understanding comes about because of habit, misinformation and failure to realise than a Lens based screen has amazing optical properties as can be clearly seen in this direct object comparison between a Matt White Screen and a ICE DDT Digital Daytime projector screen.

outdoor projection

outdoor projection

We can offer a wide range of sizes suitable for a diverse range of applications and projects.

This short information presentation can give you further insight by downloading on this link.

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