iQRite Interactive Floors enable customers and children to walk all over you.

iQrite Interactive floors are delighting children in entertainment centres as they kick, jump and walk all over the image projected on the floor. Projectors were initially used for the corporate presentation and then the home theatre market came along. Since then the opportunity for projection has increased dramatically.

Aside from the innovative use of excited children jumping and changing your advertising, there is a more serious application for this technology as it allows retailers, venues, brands to place their content literally under foot. By combining some smart sensing technology, projection and suitable software we are able to create your point of difference. The floor does not need to be a special surface and can be an existing concrete, timber or lined surface.

interactive graphic

Interactive advert

With wall space often at a premium for product displays the floor is the remaining surface that will always be clear for obvious reasons… unless of course it is New Year’s 80% discount promotion.

ICE AV Technology brings this latest iteration to venues with the overhead all in one system. It houses the computing system, sensing controller and projector and is simple to mount direct from any height ceiling.

interactive projection

iQrite Interactive floor display

If you would like to create a virtual ad world on your floor or a area for children to engage with virtual imagery we would love to hear from you to bring some Magic to a Screen under your foot. We work with clients world wide and look forward to hearing from you.

Please be sure to add two sets of contact methods. The more you describe your  need the more we can assist you.

If you want to phone us call us on +64-9-414234 (New Zealand)


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