Innovative LCD Screen complete with a Levitating Internal Display Cavity for product promotions.

There has been some interesting developments emerging in recent times regarding LCD screens such as the transparent LCD screen, or the Hologram display case – though this is based on projection it follows on the lines of creating a WOW format digital display.

Creating a point of difference has become a crucial aspect and more important than ever due to competition and myriad of distractions. One way to create the WOW, that is cool reaction, is to cut a hole in the middle of your LCD screen!

This innovative display solution from ICE AV has a number of key patented technologies and concepts all within a 20″ transparent LCD screen display that allows you to float a object within the transparaent LCD screen body.

– Product can be displayed in mid air without string and tape attachments.
– The displayed product will be self suspended and FLOATING in mid air.
– Will automatically play and display video, graphics on the transparent screen.
– Display promotional adverts and text relevant to the displayed product.
– World’s first internal transparent display cavity LCD
– World first floating display LCD
– Digital content is displayed surrounding the displayed product
– Counter top display or wall mount
– Product lit internally to ensure product stands out.
– Open or enclosed rear back
– NO computer required
– 20 inch diagonal
– Uses no strings, glue, brackets to float the promoted item
– You can use standard actual product containers
– 113mm x 287mm / 4.5″ x 11.25″ hole / cavity
– Floating object in mid air should be no heavier than 600gram

Everywhere items are clamouring for attention, such as:

– Product launch
– New release promotion
– Product display enhancement
– Sales promotion
– Guess the weight promotion

Ideal market users
The uses are wide and diverse, for example:

– Drugs store, Pharmacy, Chemist
– Beverage and drinks promotion
– Component resellers
– Products where weight needs to be emphasised
– Perfect for items manufactured by 3D printing
– Food manufacturers

Additional Video and material Here on this link

About ICE AV Technology Ltd
ICE AV is a New Zealand based company that specialises in leading edge AV technologies for clients within New Zealand and around the world. Products include specialised film polymers, av components, 3d imaging, daytime display technology, interactive surfaces.
Brands include Conixe, iQRite, HoloDesk, ICE Screens, Digital Daytime Screens, ICE Control. ICE AV works with clients at various levels of the sales channel, including local partners.
Your Global Technology Partner

ICE AV is now accepting orders from clients worldwide who wish to incorporate the transparent levitating LCD screen in their campaigns. As this is a specialist LCD product it is offered only for bulk manufacturing requirements.

ICE AV Technology Ltd
Digital Display Division
sales at
Tel +64-9-4142348

Copyright notice.
 Produced, recorded and copyright held exclusively by ICE AV Technology Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand. 

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