The Dirtiest and Mudiest Sporting event will be timed on a ICE STS Sports Screen

This is not the event to attend in your best unchristened sports gear or clothes. The Mud Race is a race where you will get your clothes dirty, your hair filthy, suffer a few minor bumps and wallow around in mud and water as you head for the finish line where an ICE STS LED screen will be displaying multiple clocks.

LED Screen
The screen will display three clocks at a time.

The muddy 2.5km obstacle course has a number of messy surprises where racers have to crawl, slide and make their way over tyres, walls and foam. along the way. If you like crawling in mud pits, slipping and sliding down foamy water slides, climbing over walls and tyre mountains, splashing through a murky creek and of course getting covered in lots and lots of mud you must enter.

Over 900 children are going to go home filthy and dirty this weekend after the fun race at Long Bay Primary School on Sunday.

When: Sunday 8th September 2013
Where: Long Bay Primary School fields and paddock
Ralph Eagles Place, Long Bay, Auckland 0630
Cost: $25 entry fee + registration service fee ($2.63) p/p
Distance: 2.5km
Course: Utilises the sports ground, horse paddocks, bush and creek areas.
A devious team of experts have been scheming of ways to make sure every one has a challenging time getting covered in mud over the endurance course.

Mud Rush timer screens

Post Event Video

Event details here on this link.


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