ICE AV is Gold Sponsor at the prestigious and internationally recognised 2013 NZ Body Art Awards

ICE AV is once again pleased to be part of the creative community in New Zealand as a Gold Sponsor in the 2013 New Zealand Body Art Awards Show. The annual show is the premier event that budding, up and coming and professional artists create truly mesmerizing body art in a wide variety of categories.

The show constantly receives accolades from international judges and contestants as to its high international standard which is a long way from the seed of a start. Director Mem Bourke created the show in a pub event in a Glenfield tavern in Auckland to help get some show case opportunity as there was no place or event where artists could come together and promote what they did as an industry.

ICE AV Technology - 2013 Gold Sponsor

ICE AV Technology – 2013 Gold Sponsor

Today many of these artists have grown and upskilled to work on international award winning movies, won recognition on the world stage as the best in the world and many employed on films such as Avatar, Lord of the Rings and many others.

Each year a theme is chosen where artists take a concept, angle and interpret and idea that explores the theme. For 2013 the theme is Circus and previous themes have included Asia and India. No two models are the same as each strive to take an individual and apply their personality and ability in truly amazing creations – a process that starts many months earlier. Some are quirky, others sexy, some out of this world, others are just a shame that the paint will be washed off after the show … show much effort, time and then to be washed away.


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