The ICE Chainmaile Mesh Curtain Screens allow creative digital imaging with projectors, gobos or lighting

We have continued to enlarge the range of projection surfaces and here we want to emphasis the ICE Projection and Lighting Display Chainmaile Mesh.

ICE Projection Chainmaile Mesh can display on both sides

It is the worlds only Projection screen that features all these aspects.

  • Unlimited Sizes
  • Transparent or Solid
  • High fireproof certification
  • Water Clear and Coloured
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Completely waterproof
  • Can not rust or rot.
  • High tensile strength
  • Displays an image on both sides
  • Ideal as an indoor furnishing material
  • Can be used as a security screen.
  • Suitable for data projection or LED lighting.
  • Can be used as a wall or ceiling screen
  • Perfect for cladding the outside of the buildings as an architectural product.

It is ideal as an indoors partition wall that also plays a double role as a digital display surface. Perfect for LED lighting or using digital projectors it can bring alive many different areas where it is installed. Areas such as retail store deign or nite club entertainment venue applications allows the creative designer to explore brand new creative solutions to create engaging visual environments.

The screen mesh can perform its role as a architectural building material, beautifying, enhancing and providing functionality. In an entertainment or night club type venue it becomes the ideal digital canvas that is both functional in managing, dividing and enhancing the environment.

It offers a lot of versatility for entrance ways, foyers, VIP or restricted areas are easily established and enhanced with image, video visual effects, fire to create an element of surprise and delight. If sufficiently large sections are used streaming live twitter feeds and social media content adds an unexpected surprise.

Hanging in a demo the ICE Projection Chainmaile Mesh delivers a versatile all weather surface.

Hanging in a demo the ICE Projection Chainmaile Mesh delivers a versatile all weather surface.

For indoor use it makes an excellent low cost solution for stage and theatre screens where projection is possible. Flood and beam LED lighting can easily make use to create a transparent full colour lighting effect. For those wanting to push the boundaries even further then adding interactive technology, sensors allow people to affect the displayed light or projected image.

The uniform appearance of the ICE Mesh plus the variety of base colours delivers a clean smart and modern finish and the perfect foundation for the addition of LED lighting and Projection. Because of its translucent finish with clear polycarbonate automatically it becomes a dual side viewing screen when washed in LED light or data projectors.

Combine lighting effects, partitioning, space management in any venue for a classy look and environment.

Combine lighting effects, partitioning, space management in any venue for a classy look and environment.

The ICE Projection Mesh is a one of a kind patented product developed in New Zealand. A significant characteristic is the architectural nature and fire compliant rating of the product for installations on the outside of commercial buildings and easily used indoors. With this ability means that other installations become a breeze due to the favourable wind loading characteristics, outdoor weathering, non deterioration of the structure. The seamless chainmaile mesh overcomes the cost barrier posed by metal structures, solid traditional internal walls, is 100% recyclable and for imaging use is able to display images on both sides when used with LED lighting and projection.

It has already been used in ceiling, office partitions, building cladding, building appearance improvement, light fittings and even clothing!

ICE Projection Mesh_06

ICE Projection Mesh_09

If you have a idea to use the ICE Projection Chainmail Mesh please complete the form below and describe a little of your project. If you would like a call back back please let us know.

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