ICE Network Terminal Media Player turns any screen into a remote access advertising screen network

A Digital Advertising Screen requires a developed cloud management solution, a low cost Terminal Player and hosted service to be successful. Our ICE Advert Network has all this in place and allow sophisticated digital ad networks to be set up that you can grow one screen at a time and access it from anywhere on the planet that has an internet connection.

Digital Media network player

With a USA and Asian Server established to handle up to a 100,000 distributed players around the globe, it is the perfect solution for restaurants, museums, product screens, retail information, point of sale, check out locations or tourist centres are just a few of the ideal candidates. The Managed Admin solution takes all the headache out of developing, maintaining distributed signage screens.

We ship it ready to start working and can even prepare content for you. No operating system to install!

Build your own in-store TV network, screen by screen, no servers to install, or software to build, add one store location at a time and manage remotely.

The Players are available for ICE Resellers and End Users globally.
Contact us below or on Tel +64-9-414 2348 or sales at


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