Android Portrait Multi Touch floor LCD screen. Complete !

Important Product Announcement: This iQrite display system is a ideal stand alone touch screen and stand for your reception foyer or retail store. The public are totally accustomed to using touch screens for product searching, content exploration and understanding product in time in place.

Yaxunda LCD display equipment Co 32inch touch screen

If you you do not have a touch screen you may even be deemed to be out of touch with technology and creating a customer experience. Display your products, brand photos, marketing campaigns and videos or integrate to your social media activity. Do not be caught out!
Worldwide Introductory offer.
Includes Screen, touch technology and floor stand / enclosure.

Technical details
Android OS, Octa-Core, cortex A7,1.8GHz.
2GB flash memory, 8GB Nand flash
Infra Ref Touch 4 Point Touch screen
Built in camera.
Outer case color optional: black,write,silver.

Stop Press: Now upgraded with built in camera and printer. April 2018.

Shipping worldwide.

For further information contact ICE AV Technology Ltd
Sales at iceavglobal dot com


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