Skilled Innovation for virtual view in mock-up apartment in multi million dollar pre-development phase.

The client was re-developing a multi story city building and planned to convert it into a multi story apartment complex in the centre of the city.
Each floor would give a view over the downtown area. At each floor and direction, the view would change and the higher the floor the more splendid the view. For those facing east on the upper floors would have a splendid view of the city harbour and lights.

The challenge for the building developer was how to sell the view and apartment before the multi million dollar refurbishment began.

The first aspect – showing the apartment furniture, fit-out and layout was relatively straightforward. Select a public accessible floor and build a mock temporary apartment. The big challenge was how to convey an accurate life like view of the down town and harbour from the bedroom or outdoor balcony, without knocking holes in the outer wall or simply pinning some posters or banners on the wall.

A fine pitch LED screen was out of the question and far exceeded the budget, though technically very easy to achieve and would deliver a stunning result.

The only obvious solution was to use projection, however technically this proved challenging to consider for the following reason.

The width of the balcony view was 5m.
The projection distance was just on 2m.
There was a concrete wall 1m from the balcony glass balustrade.
The mock up apartment had a ceiling height of 3m.
Front projection was the only option.

After examining all the parameters we believed a very custom projection solution could be achieved. If we modified and created a matched pair of split photographs we could address the large width relative to the available projection width. Due to the very short projection distances available, it was impractical to mount the projectors on the balcony or within the mock up apartment.

After further on site research, we found that we could mount twin projectors outside the apartment above the ceiling. However this created severe keystone distortions of the image. Fortunately though the mockup apartment outer building edge and next higher floor plate allowed a minimal projection aperture that we could use with millimeters only in tolerance without clipping the projected image.

To overcome the confined space both for projection distance and mounting the projectors, we had to install the projectors on a custom mount at a severe angle with the projector’s software keystone set to the maximum allowance, which incidentally had to be low cost wide angle projectors with fixed lens. The pair of projectors gave us the width however, we still had the challenge of two severe keystoned projection beams though we were able to cover the width that would give the simulated view with millimeters to spare.

Next we had to create custom matched scenario photos with pre-distorted keystone images. We were able now display a full width image with each projector displaying a left and right half. With precision alignment the images became acceptable for the simulated views over downtown city and harbour views.

All seem to be finally falling into place, until we ran the two photo PowerPoint sequences. After a few images were being displayed on the two concurrent computers we discovered that over time the many matched photos would become well out of sequence and the timing was mismatched showing an incorrect combination of left and right images.

It was then we learnt the timing sequence in Windows and PowerPoint were the problem. To fix this we need some custom software that allowed the two computers to be locked together when they displayed the photos. Problem solved.
When budgets are limited and the client provides a difficult environment, out of the box thinking and investigation is required. When budgets are large it becomes easier to fine the solution and affords the luxury of equipment. We are pleased to say that with our creative thinking and innovative approach we were able to meet the clients requirements, budget and schedule.

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