ICE AV Distributes world wide and here in NZ, a range of varying categories of LED screens.

Flexible LED Curtain screen
Mesh Format Screens
Cabinet screens
Micro Screens
Floor Screens
Strip Screens

Each has a specific benefit and feature allowing the best use of the technology according to the application.

Flexible LED Screens – Roll – Fold – Hang
During 2009 ICE AV began to market its latest product addition – the Flexible LED screen. The unique aspect was the ability to roll and fold the screen and simply hang it from a bar and achieve high quality 20mm Pitch LED based images. World wide this has started to create alot of buzz as companies realised that a major barrier to LED screens had suddenly disappeared as no longer large heavy cabinets requiring a crew, trucks and all day to install were required. At only 7kg per sq metre and able to be manufactured in essentially any large format size a whole new opportunity has arisen.

In late 2010 ICE AV set a record in NZ in the display market. Large outdoor digital screens as digital bill boards along side the highway and business districts of the city is a rarity in NZ.

Numerous reasons for this exist among which is the restrictive and onerous bylaws city councils have on out door signage. For some time the only large format LED screen in NZ has been in Wellington’s central business area. A unit did get installed in the corner of Victoria Park a few years back but only lasted a year before being pulled out in a breakdown of the company behind it. During the Rugby World Cup later this year in New Zealand we will see numerous temporary LED screens installed in replays and fan zone areas.

Last year ICE AV began working with Fairfax with the concept of large format LED screens for displaying headline news, messages, community notices and local busienss advertising. After numerous months of planning, discussions the green light was given and it was all go.

The screen selected was a 20mm Pitch, full colour, metal cabinet front opening screen. It was decided to install the first half of the screen during the 2010-2011 financial year and the second half will be installed later this year. The first half of the screen is 2.88m wide and a height of 1.6m. When fully installed it will measure 2.88m x 3.2m High and consists of a total of 6 custom manufactured cabinets.

ICE AV LED screen

Soak testing over night before the early morning installation on the side of the Fairfax building

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