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Here we will publish from our ICE Tech Review Video Channel. ICE AV is establishing an onsite and online ICE Media & Technology Initiative. This is a social strategy to educate, explore, experiment about the use and integration of technology in a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

We are increasingly being bombarded with media and having our opinions, attitudes and values challenged. Technology is developing at speeds most of us have trouble keeping up to-date with and no sooner after we have purchased an item, not only has it loss value the next day, it is out-of-date 6 months later and tainted with disdain. New ways of doing things, communicating, being entertained, operating our businesses, employing people and shopping for items.

In all of this as humans we are searching for deeper meaning, validity of our identity, how to live in a sustainable way, and how to lower our cost of living and be more self sufficient. We think that the era we live in sees technology in its widest meaning and life as we know it today is at a unique era in time. It can bring us together, allow us to create silos, be used against us or be used to control us, so in this forum we look at how we can get be more enlightened and educated.

This does not mean we want to throw out our smart phone but how can we live in a way that the technology truly enhances and brings communities and people together, how to live more peacefully and in harmony and be in touch with the nature we all so love and enjoy – when we are not stuck in our cities and motorways. How to understand our technology more, where can we experiment, learn and share our knowledge and abilities.

The ICE Media & Technology Initiative is being established as an online community and a live in venue where people can visit, have a short term stay, learn, experiment and share. Further details will be published about this in the near future.

These videos are the start of an on-going series that will explore, educate about technology, lifestyle, sustainable living, self sufficiency, technology and healthy living. We will explore hardware, have interviews, seek out opinions and knowledge. We invite you to participate. In the near future we will be establishing a physical location where people can come together. If there is a subject you think would be interesting or something that you want to know about let us know.

ICE AV is a leading innovator and supplier to clients and partners world wide in the field of Display, Interactive and Simulation solutions, technologies and hardware.

If you would like to discuss in detail about any comments or solutions referred to in this video then we invite you to pick up the phone and give us a call or send an email. We also welcome reseller enquiries.

For sales and further information contact
ICE AV Technology Ltd
Digital Display Division
Auckland, New Zealand

Tel +64-9-414 2348
sales at iceavglobal . com… – Interview with LG’s Music Focus System. – Techvana Computer Museum – Robot Video – CES 1994

Copyright notice.
Produced, recorded and copyright held exclusively by ICE AV Technology Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand. Downloading for the purpose of re-editing, re-branding or claiming as your own is strictly forbidden and a breach of our intellectual property. Embedding the link code in a web site is allowed only if full acknowledgement and attribution to ICE AV Technology Ltd is stated. All breaches will be enforced. Thank you for your co-operation.

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