Extreme Projector Screen Test Outdoors, proves many points and one in particular that an ICE Screen really does have Magic in the Screen.

Now lets be honest, have you ever thought you could use a projector in a well lit environment, say like outdoors and achieve a high quality bright image? If you said No it is impossible, then you are not alone. So why is it that people the world over still believe they need a incredibly powerful and VERY expensive projector? Even those in the audio visual industry believe that it is not possible, unless you go and spend $200,000 then you might get an image bright enough.

This week we astounded an number of people when we proved that it is not the projector that is the key to achieving a high bright image outdoors, which is contrary to what they have been told as long as they can remember. The screen is the absolute first point to consider, get this wrong and you will be chasing around in circles forever, trying to get an image that you can view in a well lit environment. The washed out image is so common it is come to the point that folk believe that simply the projector is not bright enough. To this we say they are 200% absolutely wrong and we can prove it before their very own eyes.

Daytime projection screen

The point I want to draw your attention to in the above photo:

1 – Notice how the image is very bright on the left and right screen areas
2 – The middle white area you can barely make out any content
3 – A single projector is covering the full area

And yet we get a dramatically different type of image brightness display quality on the two screen surface areas.

First the point of adding the Matte White Screen section in the photo is purely for your direct comparative benefit. A matte white screen is the cloth material used on the bulk of screens world wide in Government meeting rooms, classrooms, offices, universities, home theatre. It typically has a rated Gain efficiency of Gain 1. This means the amount of light projected is reflected and displayed at 100%. (further detail about Gain below)

So the big question you are probably asking is, “How is that possible?” You have probably tried using the projector yourself with all the lights on, curtains open and know only to well that you have a poor quality image. Many churches realise this problem only to well where the projected words for songs and images are almost washed out.

The big misunderstanding people make is that they think the white or grey roll up screen (or tensioned screen) is the correct surface (their first mistake) and that they have come to expect the image will be washed our, lacking in contrast if any light is in the room from switched on lights of sunlight coming into the room. So you might say that people have come to expect in their thinking that the only way to solve this is to either sit in a darkened room or buy a far brighter projector (for which invariably no budget exists!)

An explanation of Gain (from Wikipedia)
A Gain of 1.0 means the amount of light that is projected on the screen returns to the viewer at the same brightness: none is absorbed and all is re-radiated with perfect uniformity from all viewing angles. If one was to isolate certain rays striking the screen, he/she would see the rays diffuse to form a perfect hemisphere shape. A block of magnesium carbonate (MgCO3) or a matte white screen will result in a gain of 1.0. This is fine in theory or in a dark room but for most applications projectors are not used in a dark room where a Matt White screen can perform at its best.

A screen with a Gain of 1.0 will reflect the same amount of light as that from a matte white screen. A screen rated at 1.5 gain will reflect 50% more light as from a matte white screen. A screen with a 0.9 gain will reflect 90% of the light compared against a matte white screen.

Gain is measured from the vantage point where the screen is at its brightest, which is directly in front and perpendicular to the screen. When the measurement is taken for light targeted and reflected perpendicular to the screen. Technically the measurement of Gain at this point is known as Peak Gain at Zero Degrees Viewing Axis. If you move to the side and view the screen at an angle the brightness of the projected image drops. The angle at which the gain reading drops to 50% of the peak value is known as the Half Gain Viewing Angle. A person viewing the screen from this angle will see an image half as bright as the person seated at the center position.

Daytime Projection Screen

In the photo (above and below) taken outdoors early evening when the meter measured 73.5 lux. This is about the darkness that you might have also when in a home theatre setup. Take note of the lack of contrast on the matte white strip and the white cloth background and yet on the ICE screen the brightness is substantially larger. The reason is the Gain 20 factor performance of the screen surface efficiency.

Whilst we have shown the screen outdoors the ICE Digital daytime screen is not manufactured for permanent outdoor installations. If you use the ICE Daytime screen outdoors your results may vary according to many different factors.

75lux 8500ANSI
Click on the photo to download our 3.8mb PDF presentation.

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Church auditorium screens
Office meeting rooms
Digital Signage
Retail Advertising screen
Gymnasium screens
Indoor Stadium screens
Foyer screens
Score board screens
School classrooms
Home theatre
Stereoscopic 3D
Simulation Gaming
Virtual Reality Viewing

Used in conjunction with tablets and interactive screens the ICE Digital Daytime Lens Screen becomes the perfect large format screen to display the interactive output without having to actually touch the screen.

Important points to remember:

– ICE Digital Daytime Lens Screen can be used with any type of projector
– Makes any projected image up to 2000% brighter than using a Matte White Screen
– A Matte White screen only works when the environmental light is dramatically reduced.
– Long term you will always achieve a brighter image at a lower price than any other combination of screen or projector.
– Results can vary depending on many reasons.
– Cost wise, to achieve a high quality bright image in a well lit environment, you will always achieve it at a lower cost if you factor in a ICE Daytime Screen, than throwing money at a higher brightness projector with a Matte White Screens
– Our ICE Lens screen does not wear out and will always last longer than projectors.

If you have a project and a requirement where you need to make a dramatic difference in your projected images we look forward to hearing from. Call us on Tel +64-9-441 2348 (New Zealand) or email to sales at iceavglobal.com

We used a Digitech QM-1593 light meter for these measurements to provide some objectivity. Any inaccuracy in lux readings has no impact on the comparative views. Learn more about LUX levels here.

ICE AV Projection Mesh to be shown at 2014 Feltman Lecture environmental lighting lecture at the Cooper Union, New York.

Lighting, aesthetics and design are converged in many diverse ways thanks to modern manufacturing processes, materials and a creative approach to our environment.

A leading practitioner in this approach to our environment is New York based Associate Professor Natalie Jeremijenko who is delivering the Feltman Lecture in Lighting at the Rose Auditorium of the Cooper Union on 2 April 7.30pm

ICE Projection Mesh_06

During the lecture Natalie Jeremijenko will display examples of using the projection mesh from ICE AV Technology as a projected data screen for video, Twitter, graphics and architectural installations, where it is used to manage commercial and recreational spaces. On hand will be a sample of the Mesh for attendees to get a physical feel of the mesh, its construction and strength.

The Feltman lectures are made possible by the Ellen and Sidney Feltman Fund established at The Cooper Union to advance the principles and benefits of lighting design through the exploration of the practical, philosophical and aesthetic attributes of light and illumination. The 2013-2014 Feltman Chair in Lighting is held by Lydia Kallipoliti. This event is presented by The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture and The Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design.

This event is presented by The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture and The Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design.

Time: TUESDAY, APRIL 01, 2014, 7:00PM – 9:00PM
Location: Located in The Frederick P. Rose Auditorium, at 41 Cooper Square (on Third Avenue between 6th and 7th Streets)

Listen to this Wired 2013 lecture where Natalie describes how kissing frogs teaches us about healthy eating and biodiversity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx1zYmNxzmw


Natalie Jeremijenko was awarded the 2013 Most Innovative People award, named one of the most influential women in technology 2011, and was named as one of the inaugural top young innovators by MIT Technology Review and 40 most influential designers.

Founded by inventor, industrialist and philanthropist Peter Cooper in 1859, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art offers education in art, architecture and engineering, as well as courses in the humanities and social sciences.

Sidney Feltman, a distinguished and longtime member of IESNA.
His career in the lighting industry spanned 65 years and he devoted much of his time to the IES for the development of Merchandise Lighting standards, as well as the development of the IDA Awards program.

We welcome your comments and enquiries. Please describe as fully as possible your particular interest and project.

3D Projection Cube using Seamless Chainmaile Mesh

Digital Display Division: In this video we describe a fascinating public art installation using the seamless chainmail mesh.

The 3D cube is suspended in a public alleyway between two tall buildings and is designed to invigorate the area with interesting motion 3D art and at the same time bright light into the area during the evening.

The individual hanging curtains are designed to form a layered cube and the light source transmit through the entire cube.

The ICE Projection and Lighting display mesh is ideal for a wide range of applications. In this video we show you a recent public artwork installation where a 3D cube is created to allow a three dimensional light pattern to be created through out the entire cube. Perfect for LED lighting, gobo lights or using digital projectors it can bring alive many different areas where it is installed, such as retail store design or nite club entertainment venue applications. Just what the creative designer needs to create engaging visual environments.

3D Projection Mesh Screen

The screen mesh can perform its role as a architectural building material, beautifying, enhancing and providing functionality. In an entertainment or night club type venue it becomes the ideal digital canvas that is both functional in managing, dividing and enhancing the environment. It offers a lot of versatility, Entrance ways, foyers, VIP or restricted areas are easily established and enhanced with image, video visual effects, fire to create an element of surprise and delight.

3d Curtain cube

If sufficiently large sections are used streaming live twitter feeds and social media content adds an unexpected surprise. In this video we show what scrolling text HA looks like being projected onto the innovative ICE Projection Mesh. The mesh is ideal for both indoor and outdoor display applications. It meets all the requirements for permanent installations outdoors in parks, building, on the beach. Impervious to water, with excellent wind loading breathing characteristics it makes the perfect optical display screen for LED lighting and Projection.

If you have an interest in using the projection mesh or 3D cube concept in your project we invite you to contact us at Tel +64-9-414 2348 or sales at iceavglobal.com.

ICE Terminal Integrated Display, Player and Cloud service allows anyone to implement cloud screens

ICE Digital Display The 22 inch Android based ICE Terminal Display is a very new product that we are a launching that allows anyone to easily set up a Cloud based digital display network.

No need to understand how to setup a server, programme in code or technical confusing setup. The solution is the 22 inch wide screen that incorporates a quality LCD panel, internal computer player and cloud management service.

Combines Screen, Internal Player, and Online Cloud Server

Combines Screen, Internal Player, and Online Cloud Server

The ICE TDS 22 inch screen is a cloud based digital signage display system which works fine for the large majority of smaller customers as they have no ability to run their own servers and to manage such infrastructure. Hence the cloud based model works perfect in this requirement for the small network.

For larger network clients, the inhouse server model can work well as ongoing invoiced monthly costs are absent and is based on buying a license for the Management Software that has the ability to play, manage and serve to the distributed players / screens.

In both models the front end result is the same, and it is the backend management that differs. The back end hosting scenario is where the difference is with varying cost regimes. Irrespective of the hosting model an Administrator can walk up and update, control and load etc.

The screen and player operates to display content irrespective of whether the internet is down or not, as content is pushed out from the Hosted Server/Cloud when content is published. The only time the internet would disrupt operations is when the Cloud option is used and the Admin can not log into their account to upload content due to their local internet connection is down and therefore they cannot
adjust schedules and then Publish to the Players and the second scenario is when the internet is down at the player end and cannot receive new content.

The LCD Terminal Screen with the built in Player has software pre-installed and at new, needs to be placed online and then configured via the Server Management.

The standard memory configuration is an internal 4GB flash memory.
A TF card expansion slot can be fitted if required that would provide an additional 8GB of storage. The display is powered by the Allwinner A20 chip boasting a dual-core Cortex-A7 CPU with 512KB of L2 cache and 128KB of L1 cache. There’s a Mali 400 GPU on board supporting up to 2160p HD video playback. In 2012 Allwinner is leading the chip shipments in mainland China 2012, supplying 22 million out of the 60 million chipsets.

Additional Sizes include:

7 inch Android 3G model(Built-in 3G modem)
7 inch Android WiFi model (Support external 3G modem):
10 inch WiFi model
32 inch
42 inch

Terminal Display Player brochure download

If you already have a few LCD, Plasma of Projector displays that you would want to run as cloud based digital advertising and message screens then the Terminal Display Player is the perfect low cost solution.Download the Terminal Display Screen brochure here.

We look forward to hearing from you whether you want to rollout out over many sites, are a reseller, end user or working with your partners to implement local cost digital screens.
International sales Tel +64-9-414 2348 Email sales at iceavglobal.com

ICE Network Terminal Media Player turns any screen into a remote access advertising screen network

A Digital Advertising Screen requires a developed cloud management solution, a low cost Terminal Player and hosted service to be successful. Our ICE Advert Network has all this in place and allow sophisticated digital ad networks to be set up that you can grow one screen at a time and access it from anywhere on the planet that has an internet connection.

Digital Media network player

With a USA and Asian Server established to handle up to a 100,000 distributed players around the globe, it is the perfect solution for restaurants, museums, product screens, retail information, point of sale, check out locations or tourist centres are just a few of the ideal candidates. The Managed Admin solution takes all the headache out of developing, maintaining distributed signage screens.

We ship it ready to start working and can even prepare content for you. No operating system to install!

Build your own in-store TV network, screen by screen, no servers to install, or software to build, add one store location at a time and manage remotely.

The Players are available for ICE Resellers and End Users globally.
Contact us below or on Tel +64-9-414 2348 or sales at iceavglobal.com

The ICE Chainmaile Mesh Curtain Screens allow creative digital imaging with projectors, gobos or lighting

We have continued to enlarge the range of projection surfaces and here we want to emphasis the ICE Projection and Lighting Display Chainmaile Mesh.

ICE Projection Chainmaile Mesh can display on both sides

It is the worlds only Projection screen that features all these aspects.

  • Unlimited Sizes
  • Transparent or Solid
  • High fireproof certification
  • Water Clear and Coloured
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Completely waterproof
  • Can not rust or rot.
  • High tensile strength
  • Displays an image on both sides
  • Ideal as an indoor furnishing material
  • Can be used as a security screen.
  • Suitable for data projection or LED lighting.
  • Can be used as a wall or ceiling screen
  • Perfect for cladding the outside of the buildings as an architectural product.

It is ideal as an indoors partition wall that also plays a double role as a digital display surface. Perfect for LED lighting or using digital projectors it can bring alive many different areas where it is installed. Areas such as retail store deign or nite club entertainment venue applications allows the creative designer to explore brand new creative solutions to create engaging visual environments.

The screen mesh can perform its role as a architectural building material, beautifying, enhancing and providing functionality. In an entertainment or night club type venue it becomes the ideal digital canvas that is both functional in managing, dividing and enhancing the environment.

It offers a lot of versatility for entrance ways, foyers, VIP or restricted areas are easily established and enhanced with image, video visual effects, fire to create an element of surprise and delight. If sufficiently large sections are used streaming live twitter feeds and social media content adds an unexpected surprise.

Hanging in a demo the ICE Projection Chainmaile Mesh delivers a versatile all weather surface.

Hanging in a demo the ICE Projection Chainmaile Mesh delivers a versatile all weather surface.

For indoor use it makes an excellent low cost solution for stage and theatre screens where projection is possible. Flood and beam LED lighting can easily make use to create a transparent full colour lighting effect. For those wanting to push the boundaries even further then adding interactive technology, sensors allow people to affect the displayed light or projected image.

The uniform appearance of the ICE Mesh plus the variety of base colours delivers a clean smart and modern finish and the perfect foundation for the addition of LED lighting and Projection. Because of its translucent finish with clear polycarbonate automatically it becomes a dual side viewing screen when washed in LED light or data projectors.

Combine lighting effects, partitioning, space management in any venue for a classy look and environment.

Combine lighting effects, partitioning, space management in any venue for a classy look and environment.

The ICE Projection Mesh is a one of a kind patented product developed in New Zealand. A significant characteristic is the architectural nature and fire compliant rating of the product for installations on the outside of commercial buildings and easily used indoors. With this ability means that other installations become a breeze due to the favourable wind loading characteristics, outdoor weathering, non deterioration of the structure. The seamless chainmaile mesh overcomes the cost barrier posed by metal structures, solid traditional internal walls, is 100% recyclable and for imaging use is able to display images on both sides when used with LED lighting and projection.

It has already been used in ceiling, office partitions, building cladding, building appearance improvement, light fittings and even clothing!

ICE Projection Mesh_06

ICE Projection Mesh_09

If you have a idea to use the ICE Projection Chainmail Mesh please complete the form below and describe a little of your project. If you would like a call back back please let us know.

ICE AV is Gold Sponsor at the prestigious and internationally recognised 2013 NZ Body Art Awards

ICE AV is once again pleased to be part of the creative community in New Zealand as a Gold Sponsor in the 2013 New Zealand Body Art Awards Show. The annual show is the premier event that budding, up and coming and professional artists create truly mesmerizing body art in a wide variety of categories.

The show constantly receives accolades from international judges and contestants as to its high international standard which is a long way from the seed of a start. Director Mem Bourke created the show in a pub event in a Glenfield tavern in Auckland to help get some show case opportunity as there was no place or event where artists could come together and promote what they did as an industry.

ICE AV Technology - 2013 Gold Sponsor

ICE AV Technology – 2013 Gold Sponsor

Today many of these artists have grown and upskilled to work on international award winning movies, won recognition on the world stage as the best in the world and many employed on films such as Avatar, Lord of the Rings and many others.

Each year a theme is chosen where artists take a concept, angle and interpret and idea that explores the theme. For 2013 the theme is Circus and previous themes have included Asia and India. No two models are the same as each strive to take an individual and apply their personality and ability in truly amazing creations – a process that starts many months earlier. Some are quirky, others sexy, some out of this world, others are just a shame that the paint will be washed off after the show … show much effort, time and then to be washed away.