Edge Blending Software

Here I am posting information to help you understand about the military grade, industry leading  ScalableDisplay blending software.

EasyBlend Classic allows a user to warp and blend multiple projectors, but it doesn’t provide any playback functionality. It is typically used in the military simulation market. Each simulation application will use our SDK to directly integrate the two pieces of software. On the other hand,  ScalableDesktop takes the output of the calibration process and applies it directly to the desktop creating one application independent display. So the major difference…application independence versus application dependence. ScalableDesktop is basically EasyBlend with desktop warping functionality.

The pricing for ScalableDesktop will soon change with the next release of our software. There will be a new price point for flat ScalableDesktop. I’m not sure when this will occur, but I expect within the next month or two. For the time being a flat ScalableDesktop solution including annual software support & maintenance would come out to  $7,200.
Moving forward we will also be coming out with a new “warper” solution that will allow the user to only use the calibration results for a single application instead of the entire desktop. This product is still under development, but the price point will definitely be lower than $3,000. It will be ideal for solutions that only need to run basic flash content or something along those lines.
Graphics Card
Our software will work fine on the 8500 card, but it wouldn’t be my first choice considering there are others out there with much better performance at reasonable prices. An example would be the Nvidia 260GTX. Nvidia 8900 GTS is a bit old, but there should be no problems with it. Just be aware that despite the fact that the card has 3 physical outputs (2 DVIs and a HDMI), Nvidia limits you to using two at once.
Web Cam
Re fitting at wide angle lens on the Logitech Webcam Pro 9000. We would be very interested to see what the results are like. I don’t think there will be a problem, but can’t say for certain as tech support have advised that combo has not been tested. For a wide FOV we typically recommend the Canon Rebel with the 10-22mm lens. Of course this camera configuration is much more expensive which is not ideal for very simple setups.
Do I need the colour calibration module.
As you might know when projectors are manufactured even on the same production run they will never has the same colour accuracy due to the range of tolerance variances at a component level, especially in the optical path. For the high end projectors starting at the “Installation grade” it is possible to specify and purchase “colour matched projectors”. What this means is that they will select all the optical components that match as closely as possible in their test specs and use those to build the two units. This is particular done in big installs where two projectors will be used side by side. However for the vast majority of situation this is it not possible to specify, esp for consumer grade units, hence when Sam comes along with two projectors he bought at Ben’s Bargain Bin for his state of the art project and runs them side by side the colorimetry will be out, so this then means that when you run blending software that the colours could be different and noticeable from one side of the screen to the other…hence processing now needs to occur to compensate for the variance, which by the way is impossible to improve simply on the colour balance.  So the Colour calibration option makes this error and headache disappear like using a disprin, somethings that every technician at the coal face loves.

Published by Kevin Andreassend, Managing Director, ICE AV Technology Ltd.

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