WE WON – NOW YOU WIN LED Screen Promotion

ICE AV Corp Mesh led screen promotions



ICE AV Corp is delighted to celebrate the All Blacks winning the 2011 Rugby World Cup with the SEE BLACK 12.5mm Pitch Mesh Screen Promotion

The ICE Mesh screen combines the best of cabinet construction with curtain features for indoor installations.

The transparent ICE Mesh Screen creates stunning indoor images and at the same time does not create that closed in feeling due to its transparent nature. It is ideal as a feature wall, divider partition wall, indoor bill board art display screen. The panels are ideal for concert backdrops, entertainment settings, night clubs

Each LED panel measures 800mm x 400mm and weighs 4kg.

Under 10 square metres
$US1,122 per sq metre

Over 10 squares
$US1,050 per sq metre

ICE AV Corp mesh screen display

Front unlit view of the mesh screen.

Unlit view of the Mesh Screen panelIn addition to the above additional costs would include

– Receiving Cards – qty depends on overall screen size
– Sending Electronics – various options available.
– Timber packing or flight costs
– International sea or air shipping
– Limited time offer

Contact ICE AV Corp
Email sales at iceavglobal.com
Tel +64-9-4142348

New Zealand excels on the sports field in numerous disciplines including Rugby.

New Zealand is fast heading towards the largest international sports event since the first settlers arrived from around the world 200 years ago to the remote paradise down under.

The Rugby World Cup international competition is held in various countries and 2011 is the turn for New Zealand. Kiwi sports people are renown around the world for being champions in so many sports you could be easily led to think that is all that happens in New Zealand, kicking balls, throwing them, chasing them, hitting, jumping off buildings, the All Whites achieved soccer glory in the last World Cup as being the only team not to be defeated. There is hardly a sports discipline where NZ has not achieved world status, and if not then they certainly are trying. In the air, on the track, on the field, over water Kiwi athletes and sports people invoke fear in their opponents around the world. The thought of a team of All Backs performing the warrior dance called the Haka and then to have them charge you like a pack of bulls has got to create a sweat on any opposing team.

Recently the NZ basket ball team called the Breakers hit at the heart of the Australian men’s Basketball competition by slam dunking the competition and taking the winners mantel back to New Zealand … those Aussies have got to be spitting tacks! A kiwi team winning their own national competition – if you understand the rivalary between our nations you will know thats gotta hurt.

Actually according to one American scholar who visited a primary school near to our office and was quoted that New Zealand sports education programme is well ahead of what he has observed in American schools. Maybe that is one of our secrets is to instill a love of sports and physical action at an early age. This writer certainly follows this tradition following on from his All Black father, a ntaional champion in the 50’s when he also took up the sport of school boy hockey and achieved mild success.

So how does ICE AV help to keep it all fair and above board in the sports area you might be asking.

In this post I want to talk about one of our recent products is the ICE Digital Daytime LED Score Board.

LED Score board

Down to the second can send a team off in exhuberation or tears

This stunning unit is a complete self contained system that requires minimal expertise to operate and yet delivers all the flexibility you might see in a $100 million sports stadium score board screen. It is portable and easily managed with one person and completely digital.

1. Scoreboard feature:

1) Plug and play, easy to use.
2) Sophisticated design
3) Wide range power input
4) Full functions for a variety of sports games
5) Wireless remote control
6) It is in line with European ETSI
7) When not used for sports, it can be used as digital clock with alarm function.
8). Loud and soft horn
9) Program time, could be set 9 programs
10) When you press the 1/10 second button(when one of the two LEDS in time display area goes out),
the last minute will be displayed in form of 1/10 second.

1) Basketball
2) Handball
3) Karate
4) Wrestling
5) Volleyball
6) Badminton
7) Table tennis
8). Track and field sports
9) Judo
10) Boxing
11) Clock & alarm
12) Electronic metronome

3. Technical Specifications
1) Digits:
Time: Max=99 minutes59 seconds—5〞yellow
Score:Max=199 ––4〞red
Foul: Max=9 times—3〞 green
2)Input power: AC110V-240V, 50/60Hz
3) Corresponding frequency: 418-455Hz
4) Power consumption :< 55W
5) Communication distance: 100-1500m
6) Viewing distance: 26-40m
7) N.W.: 7.3kg
8). G.W.: 9kg
9) Product Dimensions: 592*374*80 mm
10) Packing size: 825*545*135mm
11)Time accuracy:within 1 sec per day

The above design is also available in:
700X455X40 mm
800X600X40 mm

We have additional sizes and variations available. Please do not hesitate to contact us at +64-9-414 2348 or sales at ice av co nz