Harsh TV Studio interrogation of projection screen

In this video we conduct a controlled environment comparative test that should challenge everything you have been told about screens and projectors to achieve high performance image brightness. We remove any doubt about you might have of the amazing and advanced performance characteristics you will be able to observe of our DDT screens.

What we wanted to show you in the large studio environment where we could exclude all sunlight and grill the screen with a 1000 watts under a “we will make you talk” grilling. The optical efficiency and just how effective an ICE Digital Daytime Screen with an average projector and just how in-efficient a standard matt White screen is can be seen clearly. It proves there is “Magic in the Screen” and that an ICE Digital Daytime Projection Lens screen can out perform ANY Matt White Screen in the world from any manufacturer when we put them both to the test with 2 x 500 watt flood lamps and see if we can wash the image out. We have a clear winner that might define everything you thought you knew about projection screens.

In this video we have set up a 82″ Screen ICE Lens screen in the studio and have overlaid a standard Matt White Screen Cloth over a central portion of the screen so the same projector and content covers the same area. With out any trickery or
enhancements by image enhancement software, we prove without doubt that a 4,000 ANSI projector running with a lamp at 60% of its life already past, delivering an image that is simply stunning even when flood lamps are extremely close to the screen.

One of the biggest lies and scams perpetrated, or maybe its simply misunderstood world wide by projection companies, installers and common screen manufacturers, is that the only way you can make a projector image brighter is to make the room
darker or get a far more powerful projector. We demonstrate how much of a fallacy this is, in what must be one of the most enhanced cruel tests of a projector screen performance.

This remarkable patented projection screen technology makes the screen performance perfect for class rooms, meeting rooms, video conference rooms, 3D projection, venue score boards, gymnasiums, museums, weddings venues, churches, DJ events art galleries. We supply in 4:3. 16:9 and extensive range of sizes.
ICE Digital Daytime studio_011
Though the ICE Digital Daytime screens are more costly than a typical matt white screen, we can assure you that that if you try to achieve the same screen image brightness performance with a matt white screen of any brand, you will be spending substantially more, probably more than your budget could ever be, to achieve the same image brightness by relying on the projector.  If you simply rely on the ANSI lumen of a brighter projector the total solution cost will be vastly greater.

Many times it is not practical, legal or possible to darken an environment to achieve stunning projected images on an affordable budget. In other situations there maybe cases that the ICE Digital Daytime DDT screens might not be suitable. Our experience can determine whether it is the most appropriate display technology and if we should recommend another display technology from our product portfolio.

Daytime projection

72 inch Digital daytime projection screen inside the foyer of the Australian Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour, Sydney

ICE AV is a specialist company that has expertise in a wide range of technologies and we are able to bring this knowledge and capability to bear on your projects and requirements. We have a strong solution focus and can draw on an extensive product range to deliver value for money and can present the pros and cons for any options, reasons why we recommend. We are not locked in to just one way to resolve your challenges and can expand your horizons, thinking and potential solutions for your needs.

If you have a need to increase your projected image, not sure what size best suits your needs give us a call or send an email and we will advise the best cost effect solution.

About ICE Technology Ltd
ICE AV is a company that consists of Divisions active in the Projection Display LED sector, Interactive solutions. We manufacture, distribute and partner with companies world wide in creating unique experiences with our portfolio of technologies.

ICE AV has a wide range of innovative Projection screen solutions it can offer clients worldwide to create affordable solutions for a wide variety of applications.

If you would like to discuss in detail about any comments or solutions referred to in this video then we invite you to pick up the phone and give us a call or send an email. For a more in-depth video refer to this link.

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NZ’s largest theme park Rainbows End, achieves quality projection entertainment in the sunlight outdoors with an ICE AV Digital Daytime screen.

Projectors have made incredible improvements over the last 20 years. Where would we be without them? They are used in every conceivable display use and for entertaining audiences. However there is one brick wall challenging situation that stumps most people using a projector in a well lit environment.

Have you ever tried to use a projector and screen in a very bright area like a public stage. Rainbows End theme fun park in Auckland tried to do this using a matt white standard screen but were never able to achieve a viewable image – unless they waited till night time when every one had left. With a constrained budget our LED screen solutions were out of the question. We solved their display challenge easily for daytime use with one of our 92 inch Digital Daytime DDT Lens screens and an Optoma 5,000 ANSI projector. Needless to say they were totally impressed and have now mounted a system on the public performance stage for use during the day. It was the first time they had seen a projected image so bright with a standard affordable projector.

ICE AV Daytime projection screen

The screen is so bright when a standard camera setting is used it burns out the image in this environment as the environmental brightness compared to the screen brightness is so dramatically different.

ICE AV Daytime projection screen

Here we can see a view from the stage that faces out to a well lit covered area.

You can visit the virtual view site to explore the environment on this link.

ICE AV Daytime projection screen

The audience can enjoy a stage performance in a well lit environment.

ICE AV Daytime projection screen

Before the installation the performing talent had no supporting screen when they performed for audiences.

Pictured below is a standard 72 inch ICE Digital Daytime screen mounted on a floor stand.


ICE 3D Projectors screens is a unique screen that has huge reflection efficiency with the ability to dramatically reduce the effect of ambient light and at the same time creates the perfect surface for 3D projection with the room lights on.

If you have an environment where you often hear yourself grumbling that you wished the image was a lot brighter, then we recommend that you should first consider the screen and the importance that this will have on achieving high quality projected images.

Amazing Daytime Outdoor projection success baffles many people.

Daytime projection capability is not understood by many people as it goes against everything they have been told, seen, and experienced.

outdoor projection screen

daytime projection screen

ICE AV has always been pushing the boundaries of audio visual capability and technology integration and with our slogan of “Magic is in the Screen”. The ability of projecting in well lit environments is seen as a No No by many people and for Managing Director, Kevin Andreassend it is perfectly understandable as the AV industry and people in general have been so accustomed to using poor performing and inefficient matt white screens that simply discard a lot of the light from the projector.

Understanding that the screen is the crucial part to start with first rather than the projector is an odd position as most projector buyers are under the misunderstanding that to get a brighter image you need a brighter projector. This failure in understanding comes about because of habit, misinformation and failure to realise than a Lens based screen has amazing optical properties as can be clearly seen in this direct object comparison between a Matt White Screen and a ICE DDT Digital Daytime projector screen.

outdoor projection

outdoor projection

We can offer a wide range of sizes suitable for a diverse range of applications and projects.

This short information presentation can give you further insight by downloading on this link.

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Effective Daytime Projection Score boards use ICE Lens Screens

http://www.iceavglobal.com ICE Display Division. In this article we will challenge you with to the very core of what you believe is capable with a standard entry level projector and how it can outperform a projector costing tens of thousands of dollars more.

How is this possible you will ask?

In the video you will observe the efficiency and just how effective an ICE Digital Daytime Screen is with an average projector and just how in efficient a standard matt White screen is. It clearly proves there is Magic in the Screen and that a ICE Digital Daytime Projection Lens screen can out perform ANY Matt White Screen in the world from any manufacturer in a well lit environment. In fact to achieve similar performance on a Matt White screen you need to spends tens of thousands dollars more on the projector.

One of the biggest lies and half truths perpetrated world wide either out of ignorance or on purpose by many in the industry is that the only way you can make a projector image brighter is to make the room darker or get a far more powerful projector.

Have you ever asked yourself why has this myth be spread world wide?

In the main it is ignorance and that ignorance has a financial underlying aspect. Imagine this, if we can deliver an image that is brighter than a 20,000 ANSI lumen projector costing $100,000 and we can achieve this with a $4,000 projector, its not difficult to understand that there will be far less profit in a lower cost projectors. If it is projector brightness that is the focus, then this is the incorrect starting point, but very few companies understand why is this. The focus that should be asked is how can we achieve an acceptable commercial grade image in a well lit environment. The crucial starting point is the screen. Get the screen correct and everything else will start to fall into place. An ICE Digital Daytime Lens screen compared to a Matt White screen will discard up to 90% of the projector light coming out of the projector in a well lit room and this video clearly proves this fact.


In this photo / video we have set up a 82″ Screen ICE Lens screen outdoors and have overlaid a standard Matt White Screen Cloth over a portion of the screen. With out any trickery or enhancements in image enhancement software, we prove without doubt that a 4,000 ANSI projector running with a lamp at 60% of its life already past, delivering a image that to achieve the same on the matt white screen would need to be 40,000 ANSI Lumen brightness. In fact you will see the direct image on the matt white screen is a complete waste of time.

This remarkable patented technology makes the screens perfect for class rooms, meeting rooms. video conference rooms, 3D projection, venue score boards, gymnasiums, museums, weddings, DJ events art galleries. We supply in 4:3. 16:9 and extensive range of sizes. And just to be clear, we do not claim that with a 2,000 ANSI lumen projector and an ICE Lens screen that you can take on the might of the sun on a bright sunny day in the middle of the field.

Even in controlled environments where the environmental light might be reduced the ICE Lens Screens still provide a superior image, so where you might need a 8,000 ansi projector, we can use a 700 ansi projector and still DELIVER A brighter image when it is used with a ICE Lens Screen in a well lit room.

Combine this with new generation 20,000 hour projectors at 100 – 3,000 ANSI projectors and now you have one of the most affordable ways to achieve large size commercially successful brightness. This has to be one of the most Green friendly AV solutions ever bought together.  Telephone us on +64-9-414 2348 or email sales at iceav co nz

The Pacific Energy Summit, Mitsubishi and ICE AV Tech all have energy efficiencies foremost of mind.

World wide, and none more so in NZ, the aspect of energy efficient buildings, processes and appliances are becoming increasingly important. The impact on employees, productivity, longevity are all part of the formula mix to create efficient and healthy buildings.

Today’s buildings make substantial use of floor to ceiling glass creating unique issues for heat management and environmental control. Bringing free sunlight indoors is good for the décor … however this creates another problem that confounds most people!

Add into the mix, the common use of audio visual technology in every meeting room, the enthusiasm for large screens and the expectation that projected imaged will look bright, clear and gorgeous. Unfortunately this becomes a sad reality in many cases, as the high volume of light entering the building creating that light airy look is diametrically opposed to what most people think is required for what would be the ideal projection environment.

Glass buildings

Projection in meetings rooms is still a very effective display technology to achieve large images for easily seen text, graphics and presentations. Projectors at the lower end have almost become consumable items.

However there is one big problem or at least misunderstanding most people have about projection.

The issue many face when using projection in well lit meeting rooms and venues like churches or school classrooms, is the inability to achieve excellent quality projected image. With an ICE DDT Lens screen that problem is pretty much eliminated as it has the ability to reject ambient light by a factor of x20 when compared to a matt white screen.

This meeting at Palme 09 Meeting using projection shows the poor quality typical of many meeting rooms.

This meeting at a Palme 09 Meeting using projection, shows the poor quality typical of many meeting rooms using matt white projection screens.

So on one hand we have modern efficient buildings, or rooms where a lot of light is present, a growing consioucness to minimise consumption of fossil fuels, and the need for lower powered display devices to reduce electrical bills.

The issue becomes significant for small Pacific Island nations where power generation is a major concern and cost, which by implications means the efficient use of electricity is paramount. When this is applied to digital displays and in particular projection, then schools, churches and businesses find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Every watt of electricity needs to be efficiently used and that is is where the magic of the ICE Lens screens come into their own.

Daytime projection screen

This 72″ ICE Lens Screen in this well lit meeting room here in Auckland defies belief as to what is possible with a 2000 ANSI lumen projector

Electrical generation and renewable energy is of such importance that the New Zealand Government, Asian Development Bank, The World Bank and Australian AID are backing the Pacific Energy Summit in Auckland (March 2013) to deliver a strong focus to help Pacific Island countries make progress towards their renewable energy targets and provide a forum for industry, multi lateral donors to generate tangible outcomes.

It seems little commercial sense to create energy efficient electrical or renewable energy supply grids, and then waste it on high powered projectors, where in fact it is possible to achieve brighter images with lower cost and less bright projectors if users take into account one crucial and overlooked aspect …. the projection screen.

In this photo we show a remarkable comparison between a matt white screen hanging in front of a ICE (DDT) Digital Daytime LENS Screen. In the strip of Matt White Screen you can observe that the projected image from the BenQ PB8210 projector is impossible to view and yet the uncovered area of the ICE Screen is brilliant of colour and luminosity. The point to note is that the SAME light is falling over the entire area of the 72 inch screen and yet the Matt White Screen shows how inefficient it is and how it looses the light yet the ICE Digital Daytime LENs screen returns the image substantially brighter to the viewer.

Hi Gain projector screen

The comparison of a matt white screen and an ICE Daytime projection screen challenges the very fundamental belief many think they know about projection screen technologies.

Here at ICE AV we adamantly maintain that to achieve high quality projected images in rooms that are well lit, then the solution is not to use high powered projectors that demand a heavy electrical current but to use highly efficient projections screens that will overall give a far brighter projected image with less capital investment, in a brightly lit room, way out perform a matt white screen, less power consumption and yet brighter performance. on every account energy efficient projection is at the heart of the ICE DDT Lens screens.

The latest news out from Mitsubishi is the pending launch of the LaserVue® 20,000 Hour lamp-less series projectors using laser and LED technologies delivering a stunning 2500 / 3,000 ANSI lumen output. The significance of this is that when combined with an ICE LED Digital Daytime LENS screen, the resulting performance will be like using a 60,000 ANSI lumen projector due to the x20 efficiency compared to using a Matt White Screen. Given that the ICE Digital Daytime LENS screen uses no electricity that result is stunning efficiency with less power and certainly longer life.

Daytime projection.

The Mitsubishi NF32U and NW30U set a new benchmark in projection capability in many ways, least of all with the 20,000 hour 3,000 ANSI lumen brightness. Combine it with an ICE Digital Daytime Screen and that amounts to years of use and never needing to change the lamp …there is no lamp!

By far the combination of the new Mitsubishi LaserVue® projectors NW31U-EST, NW30U and the NF32U and an ICE Digital Daytime Lens screen will deliver longer life, brighter image, lower cost, lower running costs, less use of fossil fuels and renewable energy, all the while in a well lit environment.

Wayne Kozuki, product manager, Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc., said in a statement. “With a lamp-free design and direct access to the cloud, we hope to change the way people present in the classroom and the boardroom.” Our LaserVue projectors lead the trend in using new technologies,”

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Register Here.

Simply send an email to sales at iceavglobal.com with your name and email address.

This is not a commitment to buy, simply your expression of interest, for which you will be exclusively entitled to a special promotional offer.

Visit here for further details on the Pacific Energy Summit

Daytime Projection – High performance projection screens can make a huge difference.

Projection screens have a vital roll in a world market that is becoming screen orientated. What most people still misunderstand is that there are screens and there there are screens. However due to ignorance and lack of knowledge many still conceive that you need a very bright projector or dark room to achieve commercially acceptable projected images in well lit environments.

Having said the above we do not claim that we can out perform the brightest object in our solar system (the sun) with a $2,000 projector. What we do state though that if one understands and accommodates all the parameters of the environment, screen placement, appropriate projector you may easily achieve commercially acceptable images that a Matt White screens and projector can never deliver in a well lit environment. In certain cases for large indoor displays it can be a lot more affordable than an LED screen, especially when resolution comes into the equation.

Daytime projection

72 inch ICE Digital Daytime projection screen inside the foyer of the Australian Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour, Sydney.

In the above picture this image was perfectly displayed. There is a slight hot area in the centre that the camera recorded, however to the human eye it was not noticeable and overall the picture was very uniform and pleasing to the view. The receptionist at the counter certainly thought so and had never seen an image so bright in the foyer.

There was no need to want to use a brighter projector in this well known foyer. The museum had previously tried projection in the foyer but gave the idea away, as using a traditional Matt White screen it was not possible to achieve a commercially acceptable image let alone a perfectly bright image.

 Most people settle for a TV set or computer monitor of some description and size. However unless you’ve just bought one of the new 100″ plasma TVs (and refinanced the house loan!) or project in a dark room you’ll never get the size and quality you dream about and certainly what is required for pleasing quality projection images

This is where can really help clients who desire commercially useful projected images in well lit environments … with the correct projection screen technology it is possible to increase a projected brightness by up to 2,000% brighter than a matt white screen without turning the lights off or getting a far brighter unaffordable projector. Some AV companies and clients claim this is heresy  until they view the images!

Check out this slide presentation on the ICE Digital Daytime Screens.

Just to prove the point that it is possible to project outdoors under 5,000 lux light of daylight with a 4000 ANSI projector and get a extremely impressive image here are some very poor quality photos that really do not do justice to what was a perfect image that we made today for a USA client.

The revolutionary ICE Lens screen allows projection in highly lit environments. This photo has been unaltered apart from the text comment which has been added. The lux level was just on 5000 lux in the shade at the screen. In the sunlight it was well over 20,000 lux. The white strip in the middle is a piece of matt white Da-Lite screen material.

The revolutionary ICE Lens screen allows projection in highly lit environments. This photo has been unaltered apart from the text comment which has been added. The lux level was just on 5000 lux in the shade at the screen. In the sunlight it was well over 20,000 lux. The white strip in the middle is a piece of matt white Da-Lite screen material.

The strip of matt white screen in the middle of the ICE Lens screen has been placed there to show you an exact comparison of the two screen types. Never believe anyone who states they can get an incredibly bright image by simply using a 2500 – 3000 ANSI lumen projector onto a Matt White screen and keeping all the lights on or out on their back deck in the direct afternoon light.

In reality the human eye, read my two eyes 🙂 – saw an image far superior to the photograph, however due to the limits of the digital camera used with DLP projector the whites are not vivid white due to the colour cast effect on the LCD camera from the DLP projector wheel. In reality it was a brilliant white.

Here is a video with one of our SimDeck PET250 cars on a mobile platform taken in the same location.

Most people believe it is impossible to achieve this performance with a projection screen and projector in this type of bright environment….even the pro AV guys!! The screen is in the shade due to the trailer roof and there is no direct bright light source facing the screen apart from the projector.

If you are into any type of information display you are doing yourself a huge dis-service if you ignore an ICE Lens Screen as your option or continue with your pre-conceived ideas that projection can only achieve perfection in a dark room and could never match LCD. Many times we achieve far better that LCD could ever match – size for size, brightness and dollar for dollar. ICE Digital Daytime will always succeed.


ICE Uniformity

For actual projection use we would never leave the screen directly in the bright direct sunlight but bring it forward into the shade.  If the screen in the position as shown in the photo was aimed so the centre of the cone was aimed at a person the reflection would be blinding bright (as it was) and most uncomfortable, just like it is being reflected onto the ground.

Serious enquiries should be directed to sales@iceavglobal.com