Harsh TV Studio interrogation of projection screen

In this video we conduct a controlled environment comparative test that should challenge everything you have been told about screens and projectors to achieve high performance image brightness. We remove any doubt about you might have of the amazing and advanced performance characteristics you will be able to observe of our DDT screens.

What we wanted to show you in the large studio environment where we could exclude all sunlight and grill the screen with a 1000 watts under a “we will make you talk” grilling. The optical efficiency and just how effective an ICE Digital Daytime Screen with an average projector and just how in-efficient a standard matt White screen is can be seen clearly. It proves there is “Magic in the Screen” and that an ICE Digital Daytime Projection Lens screen can out perform ANY Matt White Screen in the world from any manufacturer when we put them both to the test with 2 x 500 watt flood lamps and see if we can wash the image out. We have a clear winner that might define everything you thought you knew about projection screens.

In this video we have set up a 82″ Screen ICE Lens screen in the studio and have overlaid a standard Matt White Screen Cloth over a central portion of the screen so the same projector and content covers the same area. With out any trickery or
enhancements by image enhancement software, we prove without doubt that a 4,000 ANSI projector running with a lamp at 60% of its life already past, delivering an image that is simply stunning even when flood lamps are extremely close to the screen.

One of the biggest lies and scams perpetrated, or maybe its simply misunderstood world wide by projection companies, installers and common screen manufacturers, is that the only way you can make a projector image brighter is to make the room
darker or get a far more powerful projector. We demonstrate how much of a fallacy this is, in what must be one of the most enhanced cruel tests of a projector screen performance.

This remarkable patented projection screen technology makes the screen performance perfect for class rooms, meeting rooms, video conference rooms, 3D projection, venue score boards, gymnasiums, museums, weddings venues, churches, DJ events art galleries. We supply in 4:3. 16:9 and extensive range of sizes.
ICE Digital Daytime studio_011
Though the ICE Digital Daytime screens are more costly than a typical matt white screen, we can assure you that that if you try to achieve the same screen image brightness performance with a matt white screen of any brand, you will be spending substantially more, probably more than your budget could ever be, to achieve the same image brightness by relying on the projector.  If you simply rely on the ANSI lumen of a brighter projector the total solution cost will be vastly greater.

Many times it is not practical, legal or possible to darken an environment to achieve stunning projected images on an affordable budget. In other situations there maybe cases that the ICE Digital Daytime DDT screens might not be suitable. Our experience can determine whether it is the most appropriate display technology and if we should recommend another display technology from our product portfolio.

Daytime projection

72 inch Digital daytime projection screen inside the foyer of the Australian Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour, Sydney

ICE AV is a specialist company that has expertise in a wide range of technologies and we are able to bring this knowledge and capability to bear on your projects and requirements. We have a strong solution focus and can draw on an extensive product range to deliver value for money and can present the pros and cons for any options, reasons why we recommend. We are not locked in to just one way to resolve your challenges and can expand your horizons, thinking and potential solutions for your needs.

If you have a need to increase your projected image, not sure what size best suits your needs give us a call or send an email and we will advise the best cost effect solution.

About ICE Technology Ltd
ICE AV is a company that consists of Divisions active in the Projection Display LED sector, Interactive solutions. We manufacture, distribute and partner with companies world wide in creating unique experiences with our portfolio of technologies.

ICE AV has a wide range of innovative Projection screen solutions it can offer clients worldwide to create affordable solutions for a wide variety of applications.

If you would like to discuss in detail about any comments or solutions referred to in this video then we invite you to pick up the phone and give us a call or send an email. For a more in-depth video refer to this link.

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For further information contact ICE AV Technology Ltd
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LED screens from ICE AV are perfect for ultra humongous wide TV sets.

LED technology is really coming into its own in the last year. Whether it is lighting up your LCD TV powered with a LED backlight, your room lighting, street lamps, vehicle lights and those tiny chips that emit stunning bright light can even be found now powering projectors.

Here at ICE AV our LED division works with LEDs in many ways. By using LEDs creatively we can use them to build the largest screens in the world, to creating amazing columns of audio sensitive light as in the new performance lights we are developing for the music and event industry. In the USA incandescent lamps are being banned from 2014. In NZ the Government has not gone as far, but what surprises me on that account there has been little promotion in NZ of a lighting technology that will last 20,000 plus hours and even up to 100,000 hours before it gets to 50% factory new brightness. Thats almost like lasting a life time when you think about it.

NZ's widest WIDE Screen TV

LED technology though starts to get really cool when it is used in LED digital screens. This screen pictured above was housed in Telecom NZ’s new HQ in Auckland up till recent;y and is now being relocated out at the Auckland international airport in time to welcome the many 1,000’s of Rugby World Cup visitors. The P6mm Pitch is almost as good as its gets, and be improved by even higher resolution by going to 4mm Pitch. However it also doubles the price!

ICE AV is able to supply for example screens similar to this size and larger measuring 20m x 4.6m ranging in price suitable for various budgets. The variation is all due to the quality and specifications that include everything from the cabinet construction, material, LED SMD manufacturer, LED type and scanning frequency.

The following installation set a milestone in New Zealand by being the second permanent digital LED billboard installed outdoors for advertising and general communication. The installation is actually being split over to sections and the second half will be installed in 2011. The first section measures 2.88m x 1.60m tall.

Installed ICE AV LED Screen

Mounted and waiting for the passing traffic

Installing an LED screen requires a alot more than just unpacking out of the box and standing it on the table. Prior to manufacturing alot of planning is required both on and off site. This typically involves permission from some authority like a City Council or traffic authority, liasing with electricians, network personnel, content providers, engineering company and architects. If the home work is done correctly and everyone is on the same page then it can come together like clock work. In this installation it came together very well, to the point it was featured in the morning newspaper BEFORE it had been installed and before the newspaper had been delivered to subscribers in time for their breakfast reading …. hows that for confidence. Pictured is ICE AV’s team member Leighton holding up the newspaper in the early hours of the morning proudly showing off the installation article. The screen was installed well before the morning traffic started to arrive, signaling another successful project.

ICE LED Screen

Front page news

ICE AV LED Screens cover an extensive range from Mesh, cabinet screens, roll up screens, floor screens, transparent screens, perimeter screens, indoor and outdoor screen. Contact us if you have a need or would like to discuss how LED technology can assist you.

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