HoloDesk, the Interactive DJ Desk and ICE Holographic screens goes live in Chicago

Two NY based DJs who are challenging the status quo of the traditional use of mixing consoles and turntables are Filo and Peri. On Saturday at the Vision Club in Chicago they are set to reveal their sci fi DJ dance club experience with a new visual experience not seen before.

The HoloGraphic transparent screen and twin set of Edgeless Holodesk interactive consoles from ICE AV are set to rock the dance floor. Filo and Peri brought their imaginationa and skills together to create and realise a new experience for their fans ina show called Lights n Loaded that debuted in Chicago’s Vision Club 9 April.

Filo and Peri

Filo and Peri created their sci fi looking HoloDesk system to bring anew level of immersion for their dance club fans.

So congratulations guys that you have raised the bar and joined an elite group of artists who believe that clubbers world wide seek a new visual experience…and you pulled it off.

For artists and bands who want to migrate to a new generation of control and visual systems we welcome your contact and interest. Further information on the HoloDesk interactive DJ Solutions visit HoloDesk. The HoloDesk Interactive systems are available in full built systems and DIY kits.

Interactive Surface technology coming to a desk near you.

We are working on our next lot of innovation in our screen lab and will be bringing a new innovation for the DJ music scene. It is the dream screen for DJs and is the ultimate emulator that allows touch gestures and the ultimate interactive visual touch screen.

We will be making the core technology available to others world wide, so if you want to bring the Minority Report experience to the dance floor be sure to stay tuned. The system is called HoloDesk and available in a range of sizes, options, and designed to add a new dimension in live performance.

We will be publishing more news soon.

Update: Jan 2011
HoloDesk enables Deadmau5 to take DJ live performance to a new level thanks to the innovation developed in New Zealand with the touch sensitive dual imaging touch surface.