How to make real estate and retail store windows touch sensitive to enhance the marketing mix.

Dynamic images with movement, animation and vibrant colours, attract the attention from pedestrians. By utilising the large window area of real estate offices and retail stores, creative marketing can be achieved. Drawing attention is the key to motivating potential buyers to stop and investigate housing available.

Interactive touch window

The finished interactive touch window allows folk to browse and send messages direct to the on duty agent.

Retailers are facing major competition from other store front retailers, on-line shoppers and walk-in shoppers checking out the goods in-store then ordering a cheaper priced product at an on-line store either from home or elsewhere. Worst still, right from the shop floor on their smart phone. The final slap in the face for the retailer has got to be when the buyer stands in your store handling your product and orders there and then from an on-line web site on the other side of the planet. Retailers has certainly got challenges.

The interactive window is a step in the right direction of providing engagement, after hours shopping, interactive demos, all of which some innovative brands and retailers have been pushing that boundary line with engaging results. So how do you create an interactive window, that can not be damaged from the footpath and is fully waterproof.

With THE ICE Digital Daytime range of window screens, companies like this NZ real estate company can achieve the results they need as part of their monitored marketing plan.

By combining one of the ICE Digital Daytime rear projection screens with a range of optional innovative technologies, state of-the-art systems can be achieved to capture the attention of potential buyers and the public at large.

In this installation which was a first of its kind in NZ at the time, we were commissioned by a Auckland real estate client who faced a challenge with his new up market, first floor sales office. The downstairs footpath office staircase window provided very limited space for the traditional printed property cards to promote the million dollar plus properties. After discussions to explore the options and how best to implement an interact solution a system based on the recently patented interactive surface capacitance sensor film technology and new polymer based light intensification projection polymers, it was agreed to turn the entire downstairs office entrance window into an interactive touch screen, pioneering a New Zealand first.

A number of steps were required to take a painted glass window and turn it into a touch sensitive glass window displaying the catalogue of houses.

A number of steps were required to take a painted glass window and turn it into a touch sensitive glass window displaying the catalogue of houses.

Interactive window keyboard

On screen touch keyboard allowed visitors to register their interest and details for a follow up request.

Now with the window display technology installed, a new system for displaying real estate has been proven that is ideal for numerous applications.

Within the ICE Digital Daytime family of screens are a number of high performance “window and rear projection” screens.  To further enhance the interaction thru glass touch technology was used and in this particular application rear glass membrane capacitance technology was used. The interactive touch system and screen can be used with any projector or a LCD screen

Careful selection of the component parts is of vital importance to achieve an effective screen display. It’s not difficult achieving the desired effect on a dark December evening but rather more demanding in the sunny conditions of mid summer’s day!

Dual image window

An ICE Digital Daytime system provides a solution that’s effective even in demanding lighting conditions. Good contrast levels and good black levels ensures prospective buyers can always see your properties regardless of the time of night or DAY.

Traditionally office windows have been used to display only the printed property display cards, however by using an ICE Display system, real estate offices can bring their marketing alive. In addition the installation can be used to market related companies and services like lawyers, bank loans, moving companies, landscape services, house preparation, renovation services and the like.

There is something magical about being able to interactive with street front windows displays and in the last 6 years world-wide there has been an increasing number of interactive windows installed. With the associated rise of social media, mobility, real time engagement and whole new dynamics is now occurring of what constitutes a screen or digital signage. To the point it is now possible to turn your shop glass window into an interactive touch phone and still be able to look through the window.

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Electronic Transparent Switching Glass Film Polymer added to the ICE AV digital films portfolio

Polymer Division – Electronic Transparent Switching Glass film is added to the ICE AV portfolio and is the perfect compliment for its I.C.E Interactive Capacitance Emulator programmable plastic film.

This latest addition joins the range of ICE projection polymers and interactive components. The screen technology is switch-able from clear to haze white by applying and electrical current. ICE AV is able to either supply pre-laminated sandwiched glass or as a post installation film.

LCD switching glass

Switchable electronic glass

When the switch-able smart film is combined with the I.C.E programmable film we can actually make glass totally interactive, switch-able between clear and white and then by adding our real earth transducer we can make sound emit from the glass substrate as a crystal clear speaker. This combination of know how, products and technical expertise means we can create environments that are modern, efficient, multi purpose and most of all fun.

Standard Sheets sizes are:
1. W 1200mm*L 3000mm
2. W 1200mm*L 2700mm
3. W 1200mm*L 2400mm
4. W 1200mm*L 2160mm
5. W 1200mm*L 1950mm
6. W 1200mm*L 1630mm

Electronic film is 0.7mm thick.
Sheet size can be cut to size and also with printed pattern. This latter capability means that any window can be made electronic.

With the growing use for glass in commercial building exteriors and internal partition walls, the ICE Electronic Glass Membrane delivers dynamic multi purpose areas that can be used as a privacy room, projection screen and then in a split second can be clear opening up the space.

The film is an intelligent membrane that can be directly applied onto glass, which can be switched on and off going between transparent and mist. it provides privacy protection; lighting is uniform when it’s not transparent. The characteristic benefit of insulation and reflection manages the effect of infrared light, plus can control room temperature making the room warm in winter and cool in summer, meeting Green policy environmental and energy saving considerations.

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