New Product Release – Interactive Cube Tables designed for children of all ages.

ICE introduces the iQRITE Interactive Table Cubes designed for children of all ages. Designed especially for Children’s interactive experiences in museums, kindergarten, schools and play centres. The iQRITE Touch Cubes are also deal for retail stores and malls wishing to create a state-of-the-art safe play area activity for children whilst parents are shopping in-store.

Due to the curved design of the iQRite Cube, the shape is safe for children and adds to the appealing design. The design is particularly delightful for children due to the bright colourful design and shape.

Touch Cube Poster_03sm

Product Summary
* Four bright coloured cubes
* Child friendly and safe
* Each touch cube is completely self contained
* Ideal for multiple interactive apps.
* We can offer professional designed interactive solutions
* Use for games, education, story telling, STEM
* Built-in computer
* Windows and Android OS system options
* 32 Inch LCD Screen size
* 10 Interactive Touch points
* Full High Definition 1920×1080 pixels
* Built-in twin audio speakers
* Ships fully assembled
* Dimensions 1153W x 593H x 910Dmm
* Single and bulk pricing >10 pieces available.


Technique Parameter for LCD Panel:
1 . LED backlight panel, All New A+ panel
2. Maximum resolution: 1920×1080 FHD
3. Display color: 1 6.7M
4. Visual angle 1 78°/1 78°
5. Response time 5ms
6. Brightness : 450nits
7. Life(hrs) 60,000(hrs)

Electronic video function:

i3 solution
1 .CPU: Intel® Core™ i3 Processors i3-41 70( 3.2GHz Dual Core)
2.RAM: 4GB DDR III 1 333 RAM (Up to 1 6GB)
3.Graphics: Integrated with CPU
4.Audio: HD 8-channel (7.1 ) audio subsystem
5.Network Interface Card: 1 0/1 00/1 000 Mbits/sec Ethernet LAN connectivity
6.WiFi: High quality WiFi module included (802.1 1 B/G/N)
7.H.D:. MSATA 128G SSD
8.Speaker: 2 build-in high quality stereo speakers (3w or 5w)
9.Pre-Installed OS Windows XP/VISTA/7/8/1 0 or Linux (optional)

Android solution

1.CPU: Allwinner A83T Octa-Core frequency 2GHz
2.RAM: DDR3 1 G/2G(optional)
3.ROM:8GB (default) /1 6G/32G is optional
4.Display interface : LVDS(One single/two way, can drive 50/60hz LCD
directly) HDMI(Support 1 080P output)
5.Operation System : Android version 4.4.4(up to 6.0.1 , optional)
6.Touch function : Provides an I2C interface that supports multipoint
capacitive touch.
Support USB interface (multi-point infrared touch, multipoint capacitive touch, multi-point resistance touch, multi-point nano
membrane touch, multi-point acoustic touch, multi-point optical touch).
7.Network :RJ45 gigabit port (RTL821 1 E), Ethernet support.

Working Environment:
Working temperature: 0°C~50°C
Storage temperature: -20°C~60°C

Power supply:
Industrial High level Power module AC1 00~240V 50 /60 HZ
Maximum power consumption : 180W
Standby power consumption : <5W

About ICE Technology Ltd
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ICE AV has a wide range of innovative Projection screen solutions it can offer clients worldwide to create affordable solutions for a wide variety of applications.

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Digital Touch Point seminars well received in Wellington

<strong>This past week the ICE AV team with Wellington partner, Shout Group have been sharing with senior executives from various well known Wellington companies on a range of latest generation software and hardware technologies that can help them rise above the communication noise.</strong>

The seminar series titles Digital Touch Points described a number of techniques that can enable theatre, engagement, referrals, connection, endorsement, data access, digital interaction. By using software and hardware from the ICE AV Cataloq we are designing unique solutions.

By integrating body motion, GPS, mobility, ultra sound, touch sensitive surfaces, integrated software, digital displays, we were able to demonstrate how businesses can engage with their fans and clients in a completely new way combining online, offline, mobility with social media and leading edge audio visual technologies.

We were delighted with some of the feedback that included “that was amazing what you showed, I have never seen that before, definitely be in touch, you have give us so many ideas”. It proved to us that businesses are hungry for genuine and honest non sales pitch information, and to gain insight how to use technologies, converge them as we spread out a table of capabilities.

ICE AV and Shout Group will be planning to conduct further Digital Touch Point seminars in NZ to fire up the imagination of business owners so they can create unique customer Digital Touch Points that enhance their businesses.