Multi Touch Software for Touch Surface.

Multi Touch Interactive Content Management Software is the strategic key that makes the Holo-Info-Desk come alive that allows all types of common media to come alive at a user’s finger touch.

One of the solutions is our OmniTapps media wheel solution that brings together a diversion range of access routes to media. The versatile back end allows custom set up, menus to be disabled or switched on. This feature allows the application to be configured to a wide range of applications as diverse as a real estate or or table top in a club. Furthermore adapting it to a class room or expo is actually a few mouse clicks requiring NO GEEK Coding.

Multi touch software for the Holo-Info-Desk and iQRite systems

For the expo or retail store the ability to print our brochures at a finger touch means every single brochure will be the latest version and NO More wasted paper or having to do print runs before a promotion or simply saves the brochure to a USB memory stick.

For the music store or video rental store the application provides the perfect interface for shoppers to check out the latest music videos and movies.

Version 1.3 now shipping. Contact sales at

ITEX NZ Conference will utilise Holo-Info-Desk surfaces for the 2011 conference in Auckland developed by ICE AV Corp.

ITEX NZ will feature all the conference data on the Holo-Info-Desk. Delegates to the IT conference will be able to explore speaker backgrounds, exhibitors data sheets and videos.

Multi touch interactive touch surface

The Holo-Info-Desk is a complete multi touch system that provides clients with an off the shelf solution for providing interactive experiences that allows multi touch interaction with web, video, pdf, rss and graphics.

The ICMS Software allows full customisation, branding and management to provide a seamless interactive touch experience for single or multiple simultaneous users.

Interested parties should contact HoloDesk Interactive on Tel +64-9-414 2348 or sales at holodesk dot biz

Conference Details
23 November 2011 SKYCITY Convention Centre, Auckland
ITEX New Zealand 2011 Conference.