ICE AV Technology attended the NZ Cities Summit 2012.

Managing Director Kevin Andreassend attended the conference to gain further insight into the strategic issues and current thinking into what makes cities more connected, livable and places that can sustain current and future trends.

These trends have both direct and indirect, short and long term impacts for ICE AV Technology as we introduce new digital solutions to the market.

In the last few years ICE has made strategic moves that gives the company an encompassing solutions approach to meet emerging demands. Society is making significant changes as it adapts to mobile and digital technologies in its many applications and formats and the company is ready and capable to meet this thru innovation solutions and tech indepth technical knowledge. This combined with population growth, infrastructure pressure, financial and political influences creates both challenges and opportunities.

This strategy seems to be paying off as in the last 12 months the international market has certainly taken notice and made numerous approaches for solutions as diverse as military naval simulation screens, significant TV studio sets, large format marine screens, holographic imaging, indoor acquatic screens, building digital billboards along with is range of interactive, audio beams, digital glass variants and multi touch solutions. The NZ market is now starting to wake up to us locally and one area we see potential growth is our multi touch surface solutions and large format digital displays.

Kevin commented “many of the solutions are inter-related and customers appreciate being able to talk with a specialist at depth over an extensive range of technologies. We have found that customers have one idea, however due to their lack of product knowledge or solution opportunities, they have found it very beneficial to have a consultative style interaction where solutions and ideas can be explored”.

  One of its recent innovations and has become a well known   internationally in the DJ sector has been the HoloDesk and “Minority Report” type dual imaging multi touch surface for live performance DJs.

Today ICE AV delivers a variety of digital solutions – from the pocket, to the sides of buildings, windows, shop floor, the footpath and retail windows. The growing trends has been its “Digital Touch Point Strategy” that looks at how we can create engaging, added value memorable digital experiences. At the same time to add value to data and information by allowing it to be repurposed, distributed and enhanced.

Social Media has played an important role in both achieving numerous international enquiries, demonstrating our capability and connecting with distance markets. Kevin went onto explain, “In recent years we have noticed two significant aspects.

“The world, at least in our markets has no problem in seeking solutions from distance suppliers. Receiving a 2am phone call is nothing unusual today, the world never sleeps and there are always people seeking solutions and supply partners.”

“Potential customers have problems and ideas. For them they need to be able to talk with someone on the planet who understands quickly what they are wanting to achieve and has technical competence. They don’t want a sales job, but someone who can talk solutions and options”.

During the conference the theme of innovation was a strong underlying consideration and how can this be adapted to make cities more liveable. Guest speaker Associate Director Assaf Biderman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) showed how incorporating cyclists into the equation that they can deliver real time data – e.g. air quality as one of the data streams. The Copenhagen Wheel is a project that is a real time data generator that has both personal and city wide implications.

It can tell the rider whether they are reaching their personal best or how much of their recommended daily exercise they have
completed – encouraging them to ride more if they haven’t reached their goals. In environmental terms, we envision schemes like Green Miles – a bit like a frequent flyer program, only good for the environment. Here cyclists keep track of the number of ‘green’ miles they are riding rather than the unenvironmentally friendly miles that they would have collected if they were traveling by car or other transport mode. These miles could be traded and provide an incentive to ride a bike more frequently. Lastly, allowing cyclists to analyze where and when they cross paths with known friends helps to build a community of connected riders and builds social capital in cities.

In this earlier address Assaf Bidermanexplores future trends within cities and how intelligent data can assist planners.

Campbell Barbour of NZ Retail Property Group shared how his company is building a 156 hectare area in the north west of Auckland with a 21st century style development known as the Westgate Town Centre. This change reflects the trend where hugh shopping malls strip out street side shops and mega stores fill a block. The Westgate Town centre is a major commercial and construction project that is a NZ first and opens up a new style of living for its businesses, residents and visitors.

In developments like this ICE   AV is equipped to create outdoor digital billboards that can be both advertorial and fun community engagement screens where the public can interact with the displays irrespective of their size or position. It’s beam audio solution is able to create precise small area footprints of audio appearing seemingly out of nowhere or retailers being able to engage in real time with shoppers and rewarding them for the experience thru mobility and GPS.

The NZ Cities Summit 2012 was organised by Association & Communications Events and Chaired by Malcolm Fraser of the Future Cities Institute.

If you wish to discuss ideas and opportunities, please fee free to contact us direct at Tel +64-9-4142348 or at sales at

The launch of the Holo-Info-Desk is the touch point in The Cloud and The Rutherford Forum

AucklandICT, an Auckland based IT / Electronics focused industry organisation takes advantage of the launch of Holo-Info-Desk to promote its members at the Rutherford Forum industry conferences in September.

Holo-Info-Desk Multi Touch Information Surface

The Rutherford Forum activities are part of the Rugby World Cup related activities to promote NZ business and innovation.

AucklandICT is an industry organisation based in Auckland, New Zealand. Members come from a range of industry sectors that serve requirements both locally and international that are predominately in ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) Each month the organisation meets to listen to a key note speaker, share success updates, networking and more recently have begun to actively utilise social media and online platforms. Within AucklandICT there is the Electronics Interest Group (ETG) AucklandICT that meets once a month over breakfast to discuss projects, topics of interest, training.

ICE AV Tech will sponsor the use of the Holo-Info-Desk at the AucklandICT meetings to help promote what each member company offers. In addition to the Rutherford Forum conferences we will use it at the South Pacific Entrepreneurs Networking at Telecom Place that is being sponsored by AucklandICT and Microsoft.

Contact @aucklandict

ICE AV Director interviewed for the NZ2011 Business Club

ICE AV Director, Kevin Andreassend was one of eight business innovators interviewed at the inaugral NZ2011 Business Club preceeding the start of the 2011 Rugby World Cup in Auckland, New Zealand.

ATEED who managed the event, did so on behalf of the NZ Government who setup the NZ2011 Business Club as a vehicle for local businesses to engage with visiting international business personnel. Subsequent to the launch, the NZ2011 Business Club have a reception hub complete with the expo version of the HoloDesk called the Holo-Info-Desk The Cloud.

A key part of this is the interactive information surface, “Holo-Info-Desk” that holds interactive content of many NZ companies offering social experiences and events for the visiting business people. Registration is free for the NZ2011 Business Club and an excellent channel to become connected with potential partners, clients, suppliers in a social setting.

The Cloud is also hosting the Innovation Showcase of selected NZ companies who have developed and launched unique innovation into the international market. ICE AV’s HoloDesk division was invited to be showcased as an example of “We do things differently in New Zealand” when the Gibson Group setup the Worlds’s Smallest Nite Club exhibit with a live interactive HoloDesk surface.