ICE AV contributes a key and very visible component in Auckland’s multi-million dollar face lift and re-development.

For many years the public have been locked out of the bulk of the down town waterfront area in Auckland as it has primarily been an industrial site from receiving incoming cargo, liquids, passenger ships, vehicles, fishing industry and containers. The Americas Cup yachting regatta was the first event that came to NZ that triggered the first push in significant investment in developements that saw both winners and loosers in the construction that ensued that started in the area know as the Viaduct. Today the Rugby World Cup has been the next major event that has caused significant development as part of the Auckland City Council thrust to open up this prime waterfront area for the public to enjoy.

The side bolted LED container screen has got to raise the thought … I hope it is attached well. The screens add another 700kg to the suspended weight

ICE AV was asked to supply a digital display solution that would be featured 4 containers high as a public information display to keep public informed and entertained. It was obvious to Kevin Andreassend when reviewing the project requirements that there was really only one technology for this requirement and that LED screens were the best solution for 24/7 operation in all kinds of weather. The challenge was the extremely tight deadline to commission the project after having it signed off for the official opening day of 6 August.

ICE LED Container screens

To meet the deadline ICE AV worked closely with its installation partner Pascoe AV and Waterfront Auckland to complete the installation. Fortunately we had stock on hand, howbeit in our Asian warehouse that we had to relocate to Auckland. This proved a real challenge and required daily management to get the product on site in time. Through the efforts of all involved with the project we managed to have the first screen operational and installed with 14 hours to spare.The screen is the first 16mm Pitch LED screen installed in New Zealand (to our knowledge) either in / outdoors and certainly in a permanent outdoor public space and waterfront.ICE LED Screen installation

LED Screens have been slow to be installed in NZ due to previous high costs, Council signage bylaws and the business case for a return for commercial advertising. Most of New Zealands major sporting events and stadiums regularly utilise LED screens though outside this application they tend to be uncommon unlike many major cities around the world.

On opening day 6 August 2011 the public started to appear from veryy early in the morning keen to see how their rates had been spent on this once in a life time upgrade. The upgrade is only the start of an overall development that will continue in the foreseeable future and especially once the tank farm leases have expired. One of the unique features of the area is the trams that are circling the area as it has been 55 years since trams were last seen in Auckland. On opening day each tram was full with long lines waiting to experience this early mode of transport.

Wynyard Quarter waterfront

The offical first day opened to the public

This dual screen in the container runs 24/7 displaying messages, photos and event news. This is a rather unique install and the only outdoor waterfront LED screen in Auckland and New Zealand.

ICE AV is a specialist supplier of LED screens. In this dual screen installation runs 24/7. During the day the centre is open for visitors to view the model of the Auckland waterfront static model.