Digital Touch Points Seminar – update

Interactive Division – This past week the ICE AV team with Wellington partner, Shout Group have been sharing with senior executives from various well known Wellington companies on a range of latest generation software and hardware technologies that can help them rise above the communication noise.

The seminar series titled Digital Touch Points described a number of hardware and software technologies that can enable theatre, engagement, referrals, connection, endorsement, data access, digital interaction and buyer value. By using software and hardware from the ICE AV Cataloq we are designing unique solutions.

By integrating body motion, GPS, mobility, ultra sound, touch sensitive surfaces we were able to demonstrate how businesses can engage with their fans and clients in a completely new way combining online, offline, mobility with social media and leading edge audio visual technologies. We demonstrated Social media integrated Digital Signage, GPS based promotions, the globally famous HoloDesk, interactive content management, transparent LCD screen with levitating capability, audio beams, real earth audio transducers, interactive glass, non computer based interactive LCD screens.

We were delighted with some of the feedback that included “that was amazing what you showed”, “I have never seen that before”, “definitely be in touch”, “you have give us so many ideas”. It proved to us that businesses are hungry for genuine and honest non sales pitch information, and to gain insight how to use technologies, converge them as we spread out a table of capabilities.

ICE AV and Shout Group will be planning to conduct further Digital Touch Point seminars in NZ to fire up the imagination of business owners so they can create unique customer Digital Touch Points.

Multi-touch Software helps InvestAuckland capture attention at the DHL Marine Showcase during the Volvo Ocean Race. Exhibitors world-wide face significant challenges on how to recoup the cost to exhibit. Whether you are a small home based business, small manufacturer or a major force in the market every exhibitor faces the same challenges.

Do you have these pressure points to cope with?

– how to avoid the inane “How can I help you”
– how to achieve high quality interaction with visitors
– not getting the dreaded, “just looking thanks”
– experiencing disinterested gazes
– visitors who simply seem lost
– how to increase visitor interaction time
– reducing expo print budgets to $0
– finding time post expo to process all the contact details into a database
– share relevant media that leave a strong impression.
– establish positive connection with visitor for post show followup.

Expo Multi-touch with Invest Auckland – Part 1

It all starts with the moment a visitor walks onto your stand and how you can achieve their attention and time before the walk off….either waiting to hear from you post expo or thinking to themselves that you are of little relevance to them.

That is where multi touch surfaces come into their own. Simply playing a video or PowerPoint on a screen on the wall in the hope that this is going to engage the visitor for 5 minutes is a fallacy.

Today’s visitors wants to be entertained, go down a discovery and be wowed with what you have can show or demonstrate. The power of the multi touch surface driven by a powerful software that uses your existing media is now a reality.

In this 2 part video we show you how web sites, photos, catalogues, presentations, videos, maps and hot spots can all be used to give you instance access to engage dynamically with visitors.

Expo Multi-touch with Invest Auckland – Part 2 

We can not make you into a super sales person, fully co-herent, engaging but we can give you a major tool that can put you ahead of your competitors that was once only affordable to the big guys.