Holo-Info-Desk is a multi touch interactive system for many environments

Holo-Info-Desk is a unique multi-touch system developed in NZ that brings the growing popularity of interactive touch control to a diverse range of environments and applications.

Interactive Surfaces are the new way to engage with content. Steve Jobs helped us out alot as he has taught the world to stretch, pinch, swipe with your fingers. We now carry on the legacy he has left us with the with the Holo-Info-Desk but this time you will not be able to put the surface in your pocket.

The Holo-Info-Desk is a large size multi touch solution and interactive content management system for use in a wide variety of applications.

Previously if you wanted to implement large format multi touch surfaces required substantially expensive hardware, a substantial programming budget and a bunch of geeks. Today that scenario has changed on all three counts thanks to the
innovative Holo-Info-Desk.

The Holo-Info-Desk concept has been designed to maximise many conceiveable options and even to the point of adapting hardware you already own.

The Holo-Info-Desk pictured in this video is based on the interactive framed projection technology which is one of the options that Holo-Info-Desk is offered as. The surface is a suspended 6mm surface without an enclosure.

The Holo-Info-Desk is a development of the well known HoloDesk interactive DJ Mixer that first appeared on the world stage when Deadmau5 used a 74″ HoloDesk in his Earls Court, London concert where it became the first sell out concert in the venue. Subsequently the HoloDesk became featured as the first large format interactive DJ Mixer to be featured in music concert DVD by a headline performer.

Omnitapps Multi Touch Software is for diverse range of applications

iQRite Interactive is the interactive brand from ICE AV Technology that is delivering powerful and engaging solutions and components for the next generation of engagement experiences.

The most recent addition is the Omnitapps multi-touch Application Suite that delivers a diverse range of capability for a wide range of content and interactive requirements.

Omnitapps from iQRite Interactive offers you the extensive multi-touch user experience.
The Omnitapp (multi) touch applications are bundled into different packages that have been developed for a variety of audience experiences.  The software is not an adaptation of mouse click spftware but has been developed from the ground up specifically for todays growing demand for touch content experiences that can inform and entertain.

Omnitapps Multi Touch Software

Omnitapps is the complete multi touch software package for engaging touch experiences

In the last 3 years there has been an explosion in multi and interactive opportunities. To meet this demand we now offer a programme that can offer different options for your audience to be informed and entertain and Omnitapps fully meets their need for professional and robust interactive experiences. Omnitapps does not require specialist computer programming skills.

Omnitapps offers two principal applications, one for Professional Use and one that is targeted to the younger educational student.

  • In Omnitapps Professional the unique features are:
  • Multiple user interface. Dual touch, Multi user Touch.
  • View (Flash)websites, Youtube, Google Maps etc.
  • MediaWall to use Social Media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Online Email and -Chat.
  •  Draw on displayed PDF’s, video’s, websites and pictures and save an edited picture.
  •  Easy configuration.
  •  Customizable interface and background.
  •  Works with all iQRite Touch hardware and alternative hardware vendors touchscreen.

Omnitapps Multi touch

Omnitapps Professional
It offers a collection of applications that offers you a unique way to present your products or services. Show your product photos, videos, brochures and even websites within a multitouch environment or put your products in the spotlight through one of the games. Omnitapps is the fully customisable (multi) touch application suite.

Present websites, YouTube videos, PDF files, images and videos within a multitouch environment.

The OmniMediaWall makes it possible to present selected files and websites to multiple users in a multiuser touch environment. Through multitouch, users can simultaneously view different files, browse through websites, view Google Maps and (YouTube) Videos.   The media can be scaled and rotated through multitouch gestures.   Besides viewing it is also possible to draw and make notes directly on the media. OmniMediaWall is the ultimate multitouch presentation tool!  It can deliver particularly engaging expereinces experiences on large display surfaces.

Omni Puzzle
Is a fun way for visitors to provide their contacts details and particularly useful inan expo styled environment. Entertain your visitors and collect name and address information with the OmniPuzzle!

With this multitouch puzzle you need to solve the puzzle as soon as possible. This is done by rotating and dragging the various puzzle pieces. The puzzle image is configurable by the user. Participants must enter their name and address information before they can try to beat the highest score.

The finger swipe is becoming one of the most familiar gestures when browsing content. Here we can give your touchscreen an iPad look with the OmniSlider and makes the perfect partner with our iPad styled large format LCD screens.

The OmniSlider presents images using a slider. By swiping left or right the next picture comes in. Naturally, you can select the pictures yourself.

Meet Your Match
A competitive multiplayer game for your multitouch screen.

With OmniMatch you need to match the correct images to the correct categories. The game can be played with 2 to 5 participants. The categories and the photos are fully customizable.

Entertain and inform with the OmniQuiz!
The OmniQuiz informs and entertains your participants in a unique way. The participant must answer a number of multiple choice questions as fast as possible. The answer to the questions can be found by examining a photo. The photo needs to be scaled and rotated by multi-touch gestures to find the correct answer.

Use your (multi)touchscreen as a VideoJukeBox.
This is an ideal solution for bars, weddings, dance parties and allows users to select their all time music favorites. Present your videos in a user-friendly touch screen interface and allow users to easily choose which video they want to start.
The application is completely configurable. So you decide which videos will be shown. Please note we do not supply the actual video content.

Omni request is completely focused on providing your visitors / customers with a simple tool to acces the information they are looking for. You do not need paper leaflets anymore. Visitors interested in brochures can view these on the screen and requests them directly. You can export the information entered at a later time from the database so you can handle all requests.

Browse the internet on (multitouch) screens.
View multiple websites simultaneously in a multi-touch environment.

This is the back end management system that helps you prepare your applications with customised features.
The Configurator allows you to easily and quickly configure all the applications as desired.

The Configurator makes it easy to manage all applications from one central location. You set your media files to show, the background images, data fields, etc. In short, you control it all from one simple application.