3D Projection Cube using Seamless Chainmaile Mesh

Digital Display Division: In this video we describe a fascinating public art installation using the seamless chainmail mesh.

The 3D cube is suspended in a public alleyway between two tall buildings and is designed to invigorate the area with interesting motion 3D art and at the same time bright light into the area during the evening.

The individual hanging curtains are designed to form a layered cube and the light source transmit through the entire cube.

The ICE Projection and Lighting display mesh is ideal for a wide range of applications. In this video we show you a recent public artwork installation where a 3D cube is created to allow a three dimensional light pattern to be created through out the entire cube. Perfect for LED lighting, gobo lights or using digital projectors it can bring alive many different areas where it is installed, such as retail store design or nite club entertainment venue applications. Just what the creative designer needs to create engaging visual environments.

3D Projection Mesh Screen

The screen mesh can perform its role as a architectural building material, beautifying, enhancing and providing functionality. In an entertainment or night club type venue it becomes the ideal digital canvas that is both functional in managing, dividing and enhancing the environment. It offers a lot of versatility, Entrance ways, foyers, VIP or restricted areas are easily established and enhanced with image, video visual effects, fire to create an element of surprise and delight.

3d Curtain cube

If sufficiently large sections are used streaming live twitter feeds and social media content adds an unexpected surprise. In this video we show what scrolling text HA looks like being projected onto the innovative ICE Projection Mesh. The mesh is ideal for both indoor and outdoor display applications. It meets all the requirements for permanent installations outdoors in parks, building, on the beach. Impervious to water, with excellent wind loading breathing characteristics it makes the perfect optical display screen for LED lighting and Projection.

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Seamless Mesh Projection Screen testing creates interesting potential

Screen Division: Seamless Mesh Projection Screen can create innovative display surfaces. We have being carrying out some trialing of the seamless mesh from Kiwi innovators Kaynemaile.

For our demo we used a small section which gives an inkling of the potential when using Kaynemaile with data projection providing a digital light show.

Architectural Projection screen

The Kaynemaile mesh can be manufactured in large architectural sizes making it ideal for security walls, doors, lighting structures, infill walls, partition walls, and as a projection screen for artistic visual displays.

Kaynemaile is the world’s only seamlessly manufactured mesh without joins and is a break through in moulding processess and know how. Kayne Horsham the creator of Kaynemaile idea was sparked when he was involved in the Lord of the Rings film when the set required chain mail vests for the actors that were manufactured by hand….the laborious manual task sparked an idea and innovation.

Applications could include night time light shows, media installations, environmental interactive effects. Combining Kaynemail Mesh Screen provides high secure surfaces, transparency and mesmerising visual effects when used with projection.

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