360 Degree Cylindrical Screens deliver immersive experiences.

360 Degree Screens from ICE are professionally built custom screens for the international simulation and immersive multi media environments.

The use of cylindrical screens are specialist projection display surfaces where normally two or more projectors are used to creative seamless visual environments. They either extend past the normal field of vision to be completely surrounding the viewer.

360 Degree viewing screen

ICE AV is able to assist clients world wide who require custom high quality immersive simulation screens. For 360 degree screens we can supply kitset format enabling large format screens to be easily shipped and assembled on site.

Sizes and features of the screens can be customised for each order to meet individual client projects. Our surfaces are ideal for seamless imaging. For clients requiring state of the art edge belending software we have the Easyblend multi channel auto calibrating software.

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Dive, Dive, Dive, incoming enemy plane at 12 oclock

Screen Division: Today we had a very positive conversation and meeting with a client that is a leading provider in New Zealand of visitor experiences associated with the Defence Department. Their mandate is to provide compelling experiences, share the nations history, display the collection and bring alive our heritage.

SAN 209 Class Submarine

The conversation turned to simulation experiences and how to bring the displays alive that include such technologies as QR codes, mobile display and new display technologies. A few sentences later and we were into the area of life size, life like immersive simulation platforms that put you behind the controls and into another dimension.

The crucial aspect apart from the controls and platform is the screen, and in terms of the system setup is hugely important. The reason for this is that the final stage is where the brain then believes, and the participant buys into the experience with the resulting “that is amazing”, all the while having travelled at high speed and yet being stationary. Feeding in the right visual and sensory information the brain processes the data stream and the participant starts to sweat, pulse increases and so on.

The screen is the final canvase upon which the virtual world comes alive and is critical. A flat screen, curved, section panel, dome, 3D are all options to be considered according to the venue, budget, target age group and the value of the simulation experience.

ICE AV has the experience, product portfolio to manage most situations and if not are able to customize. the Customization aspect is increasingly important the more commercial and niche the application is due to specific requirements.

One professional sim developer in the Navy Marine sector came to us recently asking for us to work with them to supply a cylindrical simulation screen. In this case it had to be big and kitset so it could be dismantled for transportation. Normally the size requested in a fixed frame format would need a 20ft shipping container to transport. As you can see from this picture the whole system is the size that two men might lift (80kg) or one would use a forklift to shift the crate around.

5mWide x 2mHight simulation screen.

The nice aspect of the finished solution is that it is completely seamless, tensioned and no joins in the surface, and creates a wrap around area of view for the all important pheriphal vision that adds to the immersive experience.

The screen we delivered this week is part of a serious training system for a Defence Force and used for the submarine simulator that simulates the Zeiss Sero 400 Attack Periscope found on board the SAN 209 Class Submarines. As international waters become more dangerous and need defending and patrolling well trained sailors are immensley crucial as they operate vessels worth untold sums of money.

5m x 2m Cylindrical simulator screen all packed up ready to ship to the client. Seamless rolled screen is in the black tube and the frame and fitting in the wooden crate.

We are delighted to know from our customer that they have since confirmed the assembly process onsite has been successful. That is what I like to hear! ICE AV is able to supply a variety of components for the simulation industry including that all important edge blending software for multiple display channels, 3D screens and complete 360 degree wrap around screens.

We welcome your enquiries for your project. Our screens can be used for all simulation platforms and vehicles and typically are built to your requirements.

As for now we have to dive deep to avoid incoming depth charges.

Tel +64-9-414 2348            sales @ iceavglobal.com

Seamless Cylindrical Screens for Virtual World simulation platforms

Sim Screen Division: Simulation is a proven and highly respected experience for training and gaming. Virtual World Simulation in a digital environment is solution used by Formula One race teams, military, aviation, shipping cargo operators, shipping lines and train drivers.

Simulator screen

Today there is no industry that has not realised and implemented virtual world simulation as in an immersive environment for training. ICE AV’s screen division provides one of the crucial parts of this environment….the screen. Within the range we have rigid, panel, kitset types in a range surfaces.

From high gain single channel, multiple channel and screens designed for edge blending are all available.

Multichannel display installations are used when more than one projector is needed in a display system. Typically this is implemented to increase the Field of View (FoV) of the user moreso than can be achieved with a single projected image or where a higher resolution is required to increase the realism. Theillustration describes how the cylindrical screen will actually increase the FoV.

Custom Simulator screen from ICE AV Tech.

The greater the angle the more immersive the virtual wolrd becomes.There are a number of areas which need to be considered when undertaking a multichannel display including how the displays settings are configured on the PC, the field of view (FoV) of the display device and how the software is configured to match the display’s FoV.

Option 1 Components– 3 projectors with built-in blending and geometry. Certain projector models have this feature, however external processing is always better.- Matrox triple-head-to-go card.
Option 2 Components– 3 Professional grade projectorswin minimum XGA resolution(preferably higer).These projectors should be colour matched in the factory. Matrox triple-head-to-go card.- Edge blending / geometry software.
Option 3 Components– 3 Projectors…basically any model on the market- Edge blending / geometry software.- Matrox triple head to go card.Projectors in this category may need to be specified if very limited budget.

Simulator screen

Three Channel Flat Simulator screen

Cylindrical Screens
Currently we offer a few different cylindrical surface technologies such as 2 Gain and alternatively 10 Gain.These provide the option of image brilliance according to the environment, edge blending parameters and projector brightness. Screens are manufactured according to the clients needs within certain parameters. Further information available here.

Feel free to download the brochure from here. If you need a proposal for your simulation screen drop us a line. Pricing on application.