Glassonice PDLC Switchable LCD Polymer uses polarization to create magic glass.

Polymer Division: Intelligent switching PDLC smart glass is changing how we can use glass. Once glass was used to simply provide a clear view through which we can separate two areas…. from inside to outdoors, wall room dividers or as a shop window providing security and yet a view to the goods inside.

With the Glassonice PDLC smart glass and polymer from ICE AV now allows glass to be used for privacy, display area, electronic lettering, exclusion areas. Available as a laminated PDLC glass manufactured to size, shape and curved and also as a adhesive laminate. Sizes and shapes can be cut out on order with precision for attaching to existing windows and glass surfaces.

Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Glass (PDLC)

Glassonice PDLC laminates can be micro precision cut to circular, star, square shapes etc. It is available from 1200mm wide on the roll up to 30m long. For the DIY we can offer per metre costs, cut to size, cut to shape. In addition it is available in adhesive and non adhesive finishes. We can ship with or without the buss bar attached. We can supply complete laminated Glassonice glass ready to be indirectly place into a window frame and installed within the wall.

Colours available are White, Blue / Grey, Dark Grey. Technically the glass is known as a Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Film or PDLC film for short.

It is perfect for creating privacy in meeting rooms, bathrooms, high tech toilets, space age environments, rear projection screen, office walls. By switching off to the white status this makes a white glass wall and becomes a high tech write on white board using a whiteboard marker pen. Further by using our Capacitance Polymer, Touch frame or optical sensor camera, we can create the glass window / interactive multi touch white board and is fully compatible for finger interactive touch and for use with Windows XP / 7 Linux and Apple computer programmes.

Glassonice PDLC glass and laminates are suitable for use with our audio surface transducers, Polytouch interactive components and our iQRite touch frames and foils.

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ICE AV Technology is a supplier based in Auckland of DLPC Glass and laminates for the local and international audio visual and installation market.
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ICE Display Polymer Laminate – Product Overview

ICE Display Division: The ICE Display Polymers cover all the possibilities from Touch, Switching, Projection and Holographic. The Polymers allow a wide range of innovative use at a time when digital integration is becoming widely accepted for many environments and applications.

The range of unique laminates from ICE AV are world leading and implemented by clients world wide to create magic, privacy, access, communication and entertainment. From creating Holographic like images, instant privacy glass, touch sensitive through material touch and multi touch, rear projection screens and products. The most recent addition is the Glassonice Switching LCD Film and Laminated Glass.

ICE AV sells the ICE projection polymers by the metre, yard or the roll. Custom sizes are available on application.

The Glassonice Smart LCD laminate polymer foil is available at 1200mm wide and in lengths ranging from 1,600mm – 3,000mm. Custom sizes area available on request.

Capacitance interactive laminates are available in a range of 4:3 and 16:9 sizes plus custom sizes are available on request.

To discuss your creative application we look forward to yor approach.

If you would like to discuss in detail about any comments or solutions referred to in this video then we invite you to pick up the phone and give us a call or send an email.

Projection polymer film

We have sample packs of the ICE Projection Polymers in A4 sample pack. Payment via Paypal.

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Electronic Transparent Switching Glass Film Polymer added to the ICE AV digital films portfolio

Polymer Division – Electronic Transparent Switching Glass film is added to the ICE AV portfolio and is the perfect compliment for its I.C.E Interactive Capacitance Emulator programmable plastic film.

This latest addition joins the range of ICE projection polymers and interactive components. The screen technology is switch-able from clear to haze white by applying and electrical current. ICE AV is able to either supply pre-laminated sandwiched glass or as a post installation film.

LCD switching glass

Switchable electronic glass

When the switch-able smart film is combined with the I.C.E programmable film we can actually make glass totally interactive, switch-able between clear and white and then by adding our real earth transducer we can make sound emit from the glass substrate as a crystal clear speaker. This combination of know how, products and technical expertise means we can create environments that are modern, efficient, multi purpose and most of all fun.

Standard Sheets sizes are:
1. W 1200mm*L 3000mm
2. W 1200mm*L 2700mm
3. W 1200mm*L 2400mm
4. W 1200mm*L 2160mm
5. W 1200mm*L 1950mm
6. W 1200mm*L 1630mm

Electronic film is 0.7mm thick.
Sheet size can be cut to size and also with printed pattern. This latter capability means that any window can be made electronic.

With the growing use for glass in commercial building exteriors and internal partition walls, the ICE Electronic Glass Membrane delivers dynamic multi purpose areas that can be used as a privacy room, projection screen and then in a split second can be clear opening up the space.

The film is an intelligent membrane that can be directly applied onto glass, which can be switched on and off going between transparent and mist. it provides privacy protection; lighting is uniform when it’s not transparent. The characteristic benefit of insulation and reflection manages the effect of infrared light, plus can control room temperature making the room warm in winter and cool in summer, meeting Green policy environmental and energy saving considerations.

We welcome enquiries from specifiers, architects, AV integrators, home owners who wish to had smart technology to their projects.

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