The Big Screen for the Big Pool

LED Screen Division – Have you noticed that every where we look today, there is every likely hood you are looking at a digital screen, big or small. The role of outdoor digital displays is a recent trend that started with the cinema screens, moved onto TV sets and since then the diversity, has gone ballistic and installed in every country on the planet.

swimming led screen

Bring your aquatic venue alive with the big screen experience.

Never before has society become so addicted, influenced and connected to digital displays. Whether it is watching a movie on your phone whilst you travel on the bus, reading a novel on a kindle or watching a football replay on a stadium screen, the range of technologies currently available provides options, alternatives and opportunities.

One area that ICE AV is increasingly being asked to help with is the public swimming pool. Aquatic Centres today are places to learn, have fun, experience family time and have become community centres. The facilities typically being included today include creche, cafe, club facilities, class rooms, toddler pools, dive pools, training rooms, exercise rooms and now the latest trends many acquatic pool owners are implementing are large format digital LED screens.

Many Aquatic Centre managers have realised to ensure continued patronage and ensure their facilities are seen to be exciting places to be, they are looking to the big screen experience to give them that edge for their digitally connected visitors.

Large format screens have become a standard feature in public environments and many are familiar with the large outdoor LED screens in Tokyo, Time Square, Picadilly Square and of course many roadside and stadium locations around the world.

Hinged LED screen

So what are Aquatic Centres wanting to use large format LED screens for. The obivous use is sports timing for race meetings, however the entertainment value is what Aquatic managers are thinking off to increase the experience.

Applications such as movies, roving pool camera, messages and advertising enhance the visit of all the swimmers. Furthermore with the growth and influence of Social Media the large format LED screens becomes and ideal way for a venue’s community to engage and merges the on-line / off-line local presence as a seamless bi-directional communication channel. One local semi outdoor pool complex that has used a large format movie screen in the Auckland region has been the Waiweria Hotpools, though it has suffered from quality and visibility issues due to not using LED screens. Nevertheless this experience has allowed swimmers who like to lounge in the hot soak pools to watch a movie as part of their visitor experience.

ICE AV Technology has introduced its Plas480-10 Industrial grade LED cabinets as an ideal solution for pool side large format digital screens. The screens can be configured to any size according to budget, viewing distance and resolution required and being manufactured from industrial grade plastic will not rust or detoriate in these humid environments. To minimise egress of moisture internally the screen cabinents can be sealed, thereby minimsing future problems such as internal corrosion.

Plas480 Cabinets

The Plas480 can be installed in a variety of manners. Pictured here is where the cabinets have been assembled onto a swing up frame that can be wall mounted. In addition a screen could be floor mounted on a moveable platform allowing relocating and changing viewing angles depending on activities.

International sports events such as the Rugby World Cup, Formula One GP and of course the Olympics have shown that large format LED screens add greatly to the visibility and enjoyment of events. This familiarity by the public, is an underlying aspect that where ever people gather that there will be be a large format LED screen technology.

In recents years the R&D, quality and reliability has taken huge leaps and bounds meaning the cost has now become alot more affordable. ICE AV recommends that a 1.92m x 1.92m screen as a minimum size to consider installing into an Aquatic Centre to achieve a sufficient display area. The LED screen size can be increased in 480mm steps in vertical and horizontal dimensions.

The PLas480-10 is a 10mm pitch resolution screen and is an excellent starting point for Aquatic Centres to consider. If budget constraints are a factor according to desired screen size then 15mm and 20mm options are available. Alternatively if venues desire the high definition experience we recommend considering the Plas480-5, a 5mm high defiintion option.

One of the unique features of the Plas480 range is the high Horizontal scanning refresh rate making it suitable for TV cameras for event broadcasts. Low refresh rates typically mean viewer screen flicker when television cameras have the screens in their field.

For the luxury complex and hotel often what has been missing in recent years is the visual aspect to entertain and pamper guests as the swim and take in a pool poolside.

High definition LED screen alongside the luxury pool

The Underwater Swimming Pool screen is manufactured in certain micro step lengths and base width dimensions. Pool constructors and architects should talk to us early on during the pool design process to maximise the integration of this high tech solution.

Underwater Digital Screen

The ICE Underwater Swimming Pool Screen is the ultimate screen for a true state of the art swimming pool.

By adding our unique Ultra Sound Underwater Speakers we now offer one of the most exclusive audio visual experiences that has ever been developed. When combined with the ICE Ultra Sound Underwater speakers we create the most amazing entertainment experience underwater as the audio is only heard whilst your ears are below the water. Lift your head above water and the Ultra Sound can not be heard.

Imagine the fun you could have with this! Add a microphone and you could actually talk to those swimming underwater. By adding Ultra Sound to a training pool, coaches could actually talk to their swimmers as they practice.

By converging imagination, technical know how and the latest technologies, ICE AV is able to create your large screen experience above and below the water for the coolest immersion experience.

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Underwater speakers provide a new underwater audio experience in swimming pools.

Being land base, people have developed unique skills and ability to use the five senses with fine degrees. One in particular has been hearing and when related to technology that has been developed over many years, we can experience beautiful reproductions of both natural and created sounds, from the chirping of birds to the music of Mozart. However as soon as we place our heads under water, the air based speakers simply no longer work as they are designed to move air not water.

So to create and transmit audio under water we need to resort to another clever technology called grain-oriented giant magnetostrictive material commonly called a rare earth elements. When this is applied we are able to create sonar audio.

Swimming pool

Swimming pools filled with water make the perfect environment for listening to music under water, creating a unique experience.

Sonar audio actually not unlike the sound emitting from dolphins travesl under water in a similar matter. When submarines started to reach some level of complexity the US navy began to experiement with sonar technology. Anyone who has ever watched a submarine move will know two things, that mariners used sonar pings to measure distances and listening devices to hear the enemy. If you reflect on Sean Connery’s film The Red October you might remember how listening to sound was crucial to understanding where others were located. So what does this all mean to us. These two aspects that mariners were acutely aware of is now packaged into a sonar transduce speaker that allows you to enjoy music, audio or communication underwater!

ICE Underwater speaker

The ICE AV H2O50 GGM audio speaker is designed specifically as an under water speaker.

The science that has created this break through came about by understanding giant magnetostrictive crystals that have ideal crystal orientation and generating the “jump effect” they possess. In addition to the sound generation ability as a sonic transducer, the same technology is being applied to devices for viscosity reduction and depolymerization in crude oil, precision actuator, and ultra sonics.

What is the GOM?
GOM is a grain-oriented giant magnetostrictive material (usually in the rod form) composed of high-purity rare earth elements and iron that can change electric/magnetic signals into mechanical movement or vibrations. The GOM can be used as transducing, actuating or sensing elements. It can be widely used in loudspeakers, underwater sonar emitter, precision displacement actuator, and sensors etc

Even a sheet of heavy cardboard will make an ideal sound surface, loose piece of timber, wall, glass window, brick or even fire wood.

Although strictly speaking, the GOM sonic transducer itself can not be said to be a “speaker”, but it is the heart of a speaker. You can put it on the table to form a “table speaker” or a on a window to form your “window speaker”, the kind of speaker which has the largest sounding board area possible and will no longer be restricted by the limited sounding board area of just 5 inches or 8 inches of the cone-typed ones!

Download document on GOM technology.
Brochure download on how to use the ICE Underwater speaker under water

If you are interested to discuss how we can integrate audio inside the swimming pool for your luxury environment or in a public pool to create a fun engaging environment, then please contact ICE AV directly below.

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