Flexible LED screens have a wide diverse applications.

LED Division: We have been noticing a big increase in LED screen technology projects inquiries. What was once only ever seen in sports stadiums or as billboards in major international cities, LEDs have really become a major enabling technology in so many industries and none more so than in the Digital Display area.

ICE FlexiRoll LED screens are available in 16, 20, 25mm and more coarse Pitch for video and graphics and more coarse for light patterns and very long distance viewing.  Overall within the range they are available in outdoor and indoor versions and from 1800 – 5800 NITS brightness.

We offer two models in this category of single and dual LED strip.

Screen size can be unlimited and you are able to join each panel section together.  Between each vertical led strip is a transparent see-thru air gap. Often we recommend that a black material cloth is hung behind the screen to re-inforce picture brilliance or if there are light sources behind the screen. The  need to do this really does depend though on your application and environment.

In this video clip we are using the Double Strip. For close up screen detail click here.

Swarovski Elements sparkles in this flexible bling LED ribbon screen within this unique street side installation.

LED Division: LED technology is proving to be a technology that is fast becoming a preferred lighting and large format screen solution. From dashboards in a jet fighter, car lights, street lighting, stadium screens backlights in LCD screens, household lighting and of course in the ICE LED Screens.

The latest LED screen technology allows the designer to create innovative and unusual sign installations. This Swarovski Elements custom Flexible LED screen installation, clearly demonstrates the ability of the new generation LED flexible strip screen. In this luxury shopping district the main street gets wrapped up in five of these custom luxury Flexible LED Ribbon Screen in time for the Christmas Season.

In an added twist the screen is interactive and displays Twitter messages sent from anywhere. Furthermore viewers world wide can visit the Facebook page and watch their Twitter stream live along the screens.

To send your holiday Tweet message: Add the Hashtag #letitsparkle, then your message and your holiday messages tweeted from any where in the world appears. In the US you can also text 877877 with the word “Sparkle” followed by your holiday greeting and instantly it appears on the five electronic LED screens sculptures’.

LED Flexible Screen

Watch your tweet live

The installation went live on a glamour opening event as part of the Swarovski Elements campaign on 21 November 2011. It was attended by a number of well known A-listers who turned out in support, among them actress and American Idol songbird Jennifer Hudson, DJ Alexandra Richards, stylist George Blodwell and George Kotsiopoulos of E!’s Fashion Police; plus designers Roberto Cavalli, Margherita Missoni and Stuart Weitzman. The evenings host was Actress Jessica Alba. The opening ceremony also helped draw attention and support for the charity organisation Baby2Baby.

The finest Pitch we offer currently for the ICE Flexible LED screens is 16mm Pitch in both Indoor and Outdoor Versions. Pictured is the double strip version.

The ICE Flexible LED Screens can be installed in the manner seen in the video, or hanging from an overhead beam, wrapped around a cylinder. One of the notable benefits for non permanent installations is the ability to roll the screens up for storage and transportation. In the installation shown, the strip is a narrow custom size LED width and length curtain. The width can be as wide as required such as would be typical for a stage screen or hanging screen in a foyer.

Within the Swarovski Elements installation are 41,775 suspended crystals with another 13,225 used elsewhere along the streets decoration. The structure is designed to represent the DNA helix with its five intertwining, ribbon-like lengths of studded chrome.

To make everyone a possible winner Swarovski will select the three random tweets each Friday and the winners will each receive a gorgeous Navette Pendant Necklace to flaunt on this season’s party circuit.

Contest begins at December 9, 2011 and takes place every Friday till
December 30, 2011. Tweets must be received till December 16, 2011, December 23, 2011 and December 30, 2011. Each December-Fridays 3 winners are chosen randomly. The prizes are awarded ‘as is’ with no warranty or guarantee. No payment or purchase is necessary to enter or win.

So ladies get tweeting if you want a surprise piece of jewellery this Christmas. Men this would be a great way to earn brownie points!

If you have a project that requires an innovative display solution we look forward to hearing from you.

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