Effective Daytime Projection Score boards use ICE Lens Screens

http://www.iceavglobal.com ICE Display Division. In this article we will challenge you with to the very core of what you believe is capable with a standard entry level projector and how it can outperform a projector costing tens of thousands of dollars more.

How is this possible you will ask?

In the video you will observe the efficiency and just how effective an ICE Digital Daytime Screen is with an average projector and just how in efficient a standard matt White screen is. It clearly proves there is Magic in the Screen and that a ICE Digital Daytime Projection Lens screen can out perform ANY Matt White Screen in the world from any manufacturer in a well lit environment. In fact to achieve similar performance on a Matt White screen you need to spends tens of thousands dollars more on the projector.

One of the biggest lies and half truths perpetrated world wide either out of ignorance or on purpose by many in the industry is that the only way you can make a projector image brighter is to make the room darker or get a far more powerful projector.

Have you ever asked yourself why has this myth be spread world wide?

In the main it is ignorance and that ignorance has a financial underlying aspect. Imagine this, if we can deliver an image that is brighter than a 20,000 ANSI lumen projector costing $100,000 and we can achieve this with a $4,000 projector, its not difficult to understand that there will be far less profit in a lower cost projectors. If it is projector brightness that is the focus, then this is the incorrect starting point, but very few companies understand why is this. The focus that should be asked is how can we achieve an acceptable commercial grade image in a well lit environment. The crucial starting point is the screen. Get the screen correct and everything else will start to fall into place. An ICE Digital Daytime Lens screen compared to a Matt White screen will discard up to 90% of the projector light coming out of the projector in a well lit room and this video clearly proves this fact.


In this photo / video we have set up a 82″ Screen ICE Lens screen outdoors and have overlaid a standard Matt White Screen Cloth over a portion of the screen. With out any trickery or enhancements in image enhancement software, we prove without doubt that a 4,000 ANSI projector running with a lamp at 60% of its life already past, delivering a image that to achieve the same on the matt white screen would need to be 40,000 ANSI Lumen brightness. In fact you will see the direct image on the matt white screen is a complete waste of time.

This remarkable patented technology makes the screens perfect for class rooms, meeting rooms. video conference rooms, 3D projection, venue score boards, gymnasiums, museums, weddings, DJ events art galleries. We supply in 4:3. 16:9 and extensive range of sizes. And just to be clear, we do not claim that with a 2,000 ANSI lumen projector and an ICE Lens screen that you can take on the might of the sun on a bright sunny day in the middle of the field.

Even in controlled environments where the environmental light might be reduced the ICE Lens Screens still provide a superior image, so where you might need a 8,000 ansi projector, we can use a 700 ansi projector and still DELIVER A brighter image when it is used with a ICE Lens Screen in a well lit room.

Combine this with new generation 20,000 hour projectors at 100 – 3,000 ANSI projectors and now you have one of the most affordable ways to achieve large size commercially successful brightness. This has to be one of the most Green friendly AV solutions ever bought together.  Telephone us on +64-9-414 2348 or email sales at iceav co nz

Modular industrial plastic cabinets can solve numerous LED display issues

LED Screen Division: Latest developments in industrial plastics as created new opportunities for a new breed of LED screen enclosures. The modular LED cabinets based around a standard housing enclosure enables one size screen irrespective of the LED screen Pitch.

Based on the 480mmH x 480mmW dimension each screen cabinet is only 6-8kg and delivers huge advantages during installation.The pitch can be diverse and designed for a range of applications.

Typically LED screen cabinets can not be lifted by one person, however the Industrial Plas480LED Display cabinet overcomes this issue delivering greater flexibility during installation due to its light weight.

out door led screen, plastic led cabinet

The cabinets are accessible from the rear for ease of servicing. Each cabinet comes pre-wired ready for the connector cables to be fitted quickly and with out fuss. Each cabinet is bolted to a frame section, and one by one will create the full size screen required. Fittings are also available that allow the Plas480 to be hung from overhead.

Advantages of our Plas480LED displays:
1. Uniform cabinet size: 480x480mm for all pixel pitches.
2. Slim and light weight design. Each cabinet have only 6-8KG, thickness: 11CM.
3. Refresh rate can reach 6,000HZ*, without any scanning line on picture of digital camera. Also the pictures are comfortable to the eyes. * varies according to model.
4. Gray scale 65,536. Accurate gray scale and very smooth picture graduations.
5. Brightness can reach 10,000 NITS, have very good effect even under strong sunshine
6. Simplification of the control system, one receiving card can control cabinets totalling 20 sqm to 40 sqm.
7. Energy saving– save 30%.Using top-grade materials.

ICE LED Cabinets

The Plas480 LED screens are ideal for a wide variety of applications. As the cabinet size is fixed it allows flexibility from an architectural and budget perspective. As long as the correct space has been allowed then as the project or budget is approved then the corresponding Pitch can be specified without holding up construction of the wall area.

Contact ICE AV Technology Ltd, LED Screen Division for further assistance and pricing for your display project. Tel +64-9- 414 2348